Page Importance

The Importance score shows the importance of individual pages within the website on a scale from 0 to 10.

Compared to the Health score, the Importance score doesn’t reflect how overall the page is optimized, instead it displays the “authority” of the page.

Screenshot showing the Importance score

How the Importance score is calculated

The Importance of a page is calculated using many factors, including the number of internal links pointing to the page, its depth within the website structure and how often content on the page changes.

On top of that, if you have the Google Analytics, Google Search Console, or Adobe Analytics integrations connected, the Importance score also takes their metrics into account.

For example, pages with higher Pageviews will be considered by ContentKing as more important pages than pages with less Pageviews.

Furthermore, if you enable the Log File Analysis feature, the frequency of search engine visits is also taken into account when calculating the Importance score.

Working with the Importance score

The Importance score data is available on the Pages screen. You can use the slider to filter for pages with an Importance score that’s above a certain threshold.

Screenshot showing the Importance score on the Pages screen

ContentKing also comes with one default segment: Important pages. This segment includes the most important pages on the website based on the Importance score.

You can find different ways how you can work with this segment in our dedicated support article here: Working with Segments.

Impact of the Importance score

The Importance score plays a significant role in ContentKing, and is part of our unique 24/7 Monitoring technology.

Importance score and ContentKing's 24/7 Monitoring

ContentKing considers tons of signals when deciding which page to check next including the Importance score of the individual page.

If something changes on your key pages, you want to know about this immediately! This is why ContentKing checks pages with a higher Importance score more frequently than pages with a lower Importance score. This way you can be confident that ContentKing will report changes happening on your key pages instantly.

Screenshot showing the impact of the importance score on ContentKing monitoring

More about this you can find here: ContentKing Monitoring.

Importance score and Issues

The Importance score influences the impact each individual issue has on the Health score. On more important pages, issues have a bigger impact on the Health score, than issues detected on less important pages.

More about the Health score you can find here: Issues and the Health score.

Importance score and Alerts

One of the settings which you can customize in the Alerts is Sensitivity.

Sensitivity determines how many pages need to be affected by an incident for the alert to open.

As not all pages within the website are of the same importance, ContentKing doesn't only look at the number of affected pages, however, also takes the Importance score of individual pages into account when calculating the number of pages that need to be affected for the alert to trigger within the given sensitivity.

If a change affects a number of very important pages, the alert will trigger sooner than if the same number of less important pages was affected.

More about the Sensitivity level here: Sensitivity level of alerts

Need help?

In case you have any questions regarding the Importance score that are not covered by our documentation, don’t hesitate to contact us!