Health score

What is the Health score

The Health score is a metric to determine the degree to which a page, or a website overall, is optimized for SEO. The higher the score the better. The score is based on industry surveys and common best practices within SEO.

You can use the slider to filter for pages with a health score that’s below a certain amount.

ContentKing health

Scopes of the Health score in ContentKing

There are four scopes of Health score that you can see in ContentKing:

  • The Platform Health which can be viewed in the Platform section. The Platform Health determines how well optimized the technical platform of the website is (Domain, XML Sitemaps, Robots.txt, Web Vitals Origin).
Platform health
  • The Website Health which can be viewed in the Issues section. Website Health determines how well optimized the website is for SEO.
ContentKing health
  • The Segment Health which can be viewed in the Issues section. Segment Health determines how well optimized all pages in a specific segment are.
ContentKing health
  • The Page Health which can be viewed for each page on the page detail screen. Page Health determines how well a certain page is optimized for SEO.

How to track the Health score in ContentKing

The Dashboard

The Dashboard screen gives you an overview of the website and all changes that happened, by default, in the past 14 days and up to 60 months back (depending on your Data Retention).

When it comes to the Health score, on the Dashboard you can see the current Health score of the website and a chart of how the Health score developed in the period that you selected. If you've added segments in the Dashboard scope selector, you will see the same information for each segment.

If you click on the view Issues changes button, you will be taken to a screen where you can see how the Health score changed in the set time period. More on this in the dedicated support article Change Tracking on Issues.

Screenshot of the Website Health chart on the ContentKing Dashboard that allows the user to access Change Tracking on Issues

Pages screen

Pages screen gives you an overview of all the individual pages on the website, with columns for each page that represent different properties of URLs on the website level. The Health column shows the Health score of the individual pages. The score only applies to Pages and is not calculated for other URL Types.

The filter in this column has the form of a slider which you can use to set the score threshold according to your needs.

Health score and the Issues

The maximum possible value of the Health score is 1,000 points and it is influenced by the Issues. Each issue is valued with a certain number of Health score points based on the impact it has on the SEO performance.

Screenshot of a blue number with the heart icon representing the impact of the individual issues on the Health score

The Issues are always ordered by their impact on the Health score, which is represented by the number of Health score points on the right side of the issue category tab.

The impact of an issue on the Website Health is based on the number of affected pages as well as on the Importance of the pages. This means that issues on important pages have a bigger impact on the Health score than issues on less important pages.

This helps you quickly discover the most pressing SEO issues of your website and prioritize your efforts in resolving them.

When hovering over or clicking on an issue category tab, the potential improvement of the Health score in case of resolving all issues in the category is marked with blue color on the Health score bar:

Screenshot of the Website Health bar in ContentKing showing the potential improvement in case an open issue gets resolved

Issues can also be ignored, which will award you the Health points as if the issue was closed. More on the Issue ignoring can be found here.

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