SEO Auditing

Maximize your search engine visibility.

Having great content doesn’t mean much if search engines can’t access or analyze it properly. That’s where ContentKing’s extensive SEO Auditing suite comes in. Its actionable insights make it easier than ever to optimize your website from top to bottom.

SEO Monitoring

Take action before your bottom line is affected.

Search engines never stop crawling and analyzing your website’s pages, constantly on the lookout for new and updated content. That’s why you want your tooling to do the same: whenever something goes awry you need to know right away so you can correct the situation before your search engine rankings get hit.

SEO Alerting

You need to know before search engines know.

When your website suffers from a technical problem or an unexpected content change and you don’t react in time, you risk giving your search engine positions away to your competitors. That’s why ContentKing actively alerts you when disaster strikes, letting you resolve issues before search engines and visitors notice.

SEO Change Tracking

Don’t be surprised. Stay on top of all changes.

If you’re in SEO, you know change is the only constant. Developers, clients and other stakeholders are always finding new ways to “surprise” you. ContentKing helps you keep up with all of them.

Insights & Reporting

Be more productive than ever before.

ContentKing collects a tremendous amount of data on your websites. Whether we’re talking about the latest revisions or historical snapshots, its various Insights & Reporting features put this wealth of information readily at your fingertips.

APIs & Integrations

Plug ContentKing into your digital marketing toolbox.

With our APIs and Integrations, you can extend ContentKing’s reach and easily hook it up to reporting software, client portals or any other tool in your toolbox!

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