The travel industry has a unique set of challenges: fierce competition and enormous websites containing vast amounts of content on destinations, travel options, and dynamic websites with syndicated and user-generated content.

ContentKing makes it easy to ensure that all that valuable content stays visible to users and search engines. Discover opportunities for growing traffic and keep the competition at bay with 24/7 monitoring.

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Real-time Auditing & Alerting

Seize every growth opportunity

Most travel websites rely on content automation and syndication to populate their websites, such as destination pages, combining accommodation options and user reviews. All this automation helps you keep up with the competition, but how do you know everything is working correctly?

With ContentKing Monitoring™ you will know. This proprietary technology monitors your website 24/7, continuously auditing your pages and flagging any problems that are impacting your search engine visibility.

Advanced configuration of SEO alerts including scope and Slack channel.
SEO alert on travel website about pages becoming non-indexable.

Content Overview & Change Tracking

Stay in control of highly dynamic content

Automation and syndication of your content helps you to stay ahead. But it is increasingly difficult to keep track of it all. What content do you have? How often does it change, and what actually changes? That’s where ContentKing comes in.

Our unique Change Tracking™ platform keeps track of every change you should be aware of. Quickly see what content was added yesterday, last month, or a year ago. Deep-dive into changes made to individual pages, or across the entire website.

No more unpleasant “surprises” or getting buried under backlog. ContentKing makes it easy to keep an up-to-date overview of all your content and make sure everything is in order, at all times.

Timeline showing various content changes for a page.
Overview of multiple tracked changes across a website.

"If we had not caught the issue, transactions would have dropped approximately 20%."

Collaborate across multiple disciplines

Bring your whole team onboard

Being successful in the travel industry is a team effort, with everyone from content creators to SEOs, social media marketers to developers pulling in the same direction.

ContentKing was built to support this multidisciplinary workflow. Between the accessible platform with carefully designed interfaces and an integrated knowledge base, your team has everything they need to do their work better and faster than ever before.

Easily slice and dice your website into different segments aligned with your team composition and business goals. Setup is simple, and once done every team member can easily zoom in on the exact website sections they are responsible for.

Overview of team members in a ContentKing account.
Performance benchmarks of various segments on travel website.

Take back control of your website

Dynamic content, automated content and user-generated content are the forces driving your business. With ContentKing, you’ll have a tool that keeps track of it all. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that ContentKing Monitoring™ has you covered, and discover opportunities for growing your traffic and revenue.

Take back control of your content

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