What sets marketplaces apart from nearly all other websites is that the content is not created by an in-house team. Instead, you’re dealing with a vast amount of content generated by your users and data feeds automatically adjusting your website’s content.

But with so much content being created without your control, how do you know everything is working correctly? How can you keep track of the state of your content, and whether search engines can access it properly?

Simple: ContentKing.

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Content Overview

Get overview and know what to focus on next

ContentKing helps you quickly get your bearings on even the largest websites. Slice and dice the website in any way you want, and zoom in on exactly the sections that matter most to you.

Not sure what to work on next? ContentKing will tell you what parts of your website are doing the heavy lifting and which issues are holding them back, making sure your precious time is never wasted.

Having an actionable overview like this has never been easier.

Overview of marketplace website, including custom elements such as price and review score.
Performance benchmarks of various marketplace website segments.

Change Tracking

Track user-generated and feed-driven content

The ContentKing platform includes proprietary Monitoring™ & Change Tracking™ technology to keep track of changes on your website 24/7. Quickly see what content was added yesterday, last month, or last year.

Deep-dive into changes made to individual pages or across the entire website. Whatever you need, you can rely on ContentKing’s lightning-fast search and filter features to provide exactly the insights you need.

Timeline showing various content changes for a page.
Overview of multiple tracked changes across a website.

Real-time Auditing at Scale

Discover growth opportunities, in real-time

With content being added and changed continuously without anyone on your team involved, it’s essential to keep up and make sure search engines can make sense of it all. That’s why ContentKing does auditing in real-time. No more manual or scheduled crawling – continuous auditing ensures you’re working with the freshest data and in line with the latest SEO best practices.

Chart showing how SEO issues affect different website segments.
Charts displaying distribution of URL types and importance score across website.

Proactive Alerting

Get notified when action is required

ContentKing Alerts™ let you leave the always-one-step-behind mindset in the past, where it belongs. As ContentKing monitors your website around the clock, it continuously keeps track of changes and audits your pages and sends instant notifications the moment it detects an issue.

For the first time ever, you and your team will be able to consistently fix problems before they impact your search engine visibility.

Advanced configuration of SEO alerts including scope and alert routing.
SEO alert on marketplace website about pages becoming non-indexable.

"A CMS issue caused our main SEO content entities to disappear. This had happened to us once before and back then it led to immediate drops in average ranking across our best performing keywords. This time we had ContentKing, which let us identify these issues and solve them before our keyword positions started dropping."

Take back control of your content

Dynamic content generated by users and automated feeds keep your machine running. It’s time to get rid of the chaos that, up until now, has been part of the deal. Take back control and keep track of what’s actually changing on your website. With ContentKing Monitoring™, Change Tracking™ and Alerts™, it’s easy.

Take back control of your content

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