Real-time dashboards

ContentKing’s dashboards provide you with an always up-to-date view of everything that’s important.

Issues, page changes, alerts and segments: it’s all brought together in a single beautifully designed dashboard.

Whether you’re quickly checking to make sure everything is in order or putting together your todo list for the day, the ContentKing dashboards provide you with the clarity and information you need.

Visualize your website’s data

Very often the sheer size of a website can make working with it overwhelming. That’s why ContentKing comes equipped with a visual view, allowing you to visualize your data and drill down to any level you want.

Data visualization

Overview of all your websites

Most SEO professionals today have more than one website to manage. If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to hear that ContentKing also features a helicopter view across all your websites.

With a single glance you’ll be up to date on what’s going on across your websites and whether you need to take action.

Websites overview

Collaborate with colleagues or clients

Successful websites are rarely a one-man show. Usually it takes many disciplines and stakeholders to keep a website performing at its best. ContentKing brings your colleagues, external suppliers and even your clients together to keep things running smoothly.

Collaboration with colleagues

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