Real-time dashboards

ContentKing’s dashboards provide you with an always up-to-date view of everything that’s important.

Issues, page changes and alerts: it’s all brought together in beautifully designed overviews.

Whether you’re quickly checking to make sure everything is in order or putting together your todo list for the day. Our dashboards provide you with the clarity and information you need.

Collaborate with colleagues or clients

Successful websites are rarely a one-man show. Usually it takes many disciplines and stakeholders to keep a website performing at its best.

ContentKing fully supports that workflow with its collaboration and access control features.

Bring your colleagues, stakeholders and even your clients together, and collaborate to keep things running smoothly.

Bring as many team members to ContentKing as you want.
Granular access control for your ContentKing account users.

Visualize your website’s data

Very often the sheer size of a website can make working with it overwhelming.

That’s why ContentKing allows you to visualize your data in beautiful and actionable ways. Use advanced filtering to zoom in and slice and dice your data in any way you want.

Beautiful data visualization to inform and impress.

Beautiful data visualization to inform and impress.

Discover issue changes and trends

ContentKing doesn’t just report on the status quo. Thanks to our proprietary Change Tracking™ technology, we provide you with unprecedented insights.

Easily keep track of issues being solved or introduced, and spot regressions between releases.

Everything you need for analyzing, optimizing and reporting you will find in ContentKing.

ContentKing tracks the full history of issues being introduced and solved.

API and Google Data Studio integrations

ContentKing provides a fantastic reporting workbench, but you can also easily integrate with your existing tooling.

Set up the Google Data Studio integration with just a few clicks. The reporting template it comes with gets you started right away. That's what we call turn-key reporting.

Need to integrate with other tools, or want to do some heavy data lifting? Use our Reporting API and work with your data in any way you want.

Integrate and work with your data using the ContentKing Reporting API.
Use the Google Data Studio connector to impress your clients and stakeholders.

Overview of all your websites

Most digital marketers today have more than one website to manage. If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to hear that ContentKing also features a helicopter view across all your websites.

With a single glance you're up to date on what’s going on across your websites and whether you need to take action.

Want to dive in deeper? Click on any metric or chart and zoom in to the details!

Key data for all your websites at your fingertips in a single overview.

Weekly email reports to keep you informed

Alerts will notify you whenever you need to take action. But what if you just want an overview of how things are going?

Every Monday morning you receive the weekly email report, containing an overview of issues and changes for all the websites you care about.

Staying up to date was never this easy.

Every Monday morning ContentKing sends out the weekly email report with an overview of all your websites.