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So how did we get here? Well, like almost all good products, ours was initially built to scratch our own itch. Before founding ContentKing most of us worked together as a digital marketing agency where we cared deeply about the online performance of our clients.

But as the websites grew bigger and complexity increased, it became harder and harder to keep everything running well. Common tasks such as releases and updates by developers broke websites in unexpected places, dynamic content changes surprised us and then of course there were the well-intended but unwanted copy changes by the client.

Team members in the office

We went looking for tooling to help us to stay on top of these things, but were surprised it simply didn't exist. We came across plenty of website crawlers and other reporting tooling, but all of them took a passive approach. You need to run your scans manually and sift through tons of data to analyze the results.

Perhaps that may work for small websites - or teams with a lot of time on their hands - but that certainly doesn't scale to websites with page counts well in the ten-thousands. Well, as there was nothing on the market, we decided to build it ourselves!

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We are a diverse team of marketers, developers and designers. United by reconciling boundless creativity with healthy pragmatism and driven by our passion to create the best digital marketing software on the market.

ContentKing is now part of Conductor. See all open positions using the link below.

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