When things break, you need to know

Stay on top of your site with ContentKing Alerts™.

Our 24/7 monitoring keeps an eye on your site at all times, sending you alerts if there’s any changes or issues that occur — often before you even realize something’s wrong.

Unlike crawlers, you’ll be alerted in real time so you can fix problems before rankings are impacted.

"We had several outages on Bitbucket.org and wouldn't have found out without ContentKing. That would have certainly cost organic traffic and business."

Real-time alerts for anything you'd like

Whatever the issue, you’ll be first to know. Get alerts for:

  • Technical SEO issues: broken links, non-indexable pages, incorrect canonical links
  • Content issues: removed titles, meta descriptions changes, H1 headings missing
  • Platform issues: missing XML sitemap, robots.txt changes, slow page speeds

And that’s just the beginning. Use Custom Elements to set alerts that fit the workflows and features of your own website.

ContentKing Alerts notify you when disasters strike, such as pages becoming non-indexable.

"If we had not caught the issue, transactions would have dropped approximately 20%."

The power you want, the flexibility you need

Our heuristics engines understand what the important and relevant parts on your site are to avoid overwhelming you with alerts.

Want to take it a step further? Alerts are fully customizable so you can focus on what matters most.

Choose which alerts to activate, and for which part of the website. Decide how soon each alert should trigger and who should receive the notifications.

Tailor ContentKing Alerts to your exact needs with advanced control options.

Your team’s SEO control center

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, ContentKing Alerts™ has you covered. Oversee and manage everything happening on your site from one control center, at scale and in real time.

Set alerts by website section, issue type, role and more. Get alerts in-app, by email or instant notifications in selected messaging channels.

SEO-facing teams come together in sync with ContentKing.

Diagram of ContentKing Alerts flow with in-app notifications, email alerts and Slack notifications.