Alerts when things break

Meta descriptions disappearing from your main pages, links suddenly breaking across your website or key pages becoming non-indexable. Whatever the problem, you need to know and you need to know now.

That’s why ContentKing continuously monitors your website and sends out email alerts whenever disaster strikes.

Email alert

All alerts on a timeline

On top of sending you alerts by email they’re also displayed inside the app on your website’s Events screen. Here you can follow the real-time status of these alerts, neatly sorted and grouped together by day.

Intelligent alerting technology

Websites change all the time. And while you definitely want to track these changes, getting an alert about every detail can actually hurt your productivity!

That’s why ContentKing alerts are smart. Our algorithms take all kinds of signals into account to decide whether sending out an alert is warranted.

Intelligent alerting in email

You’re in control

Thanks to our smart alerting algorithm we only send an alert when the event is significant enough. The result? No email barrage on your inbox. Still, there may be situations where you simply want to turn off alerts entirely. Websites in development environments are a good example of this.

That’s why we made it easy to configure your alerts on a website-by-website basis:

Intelligent alerting in email

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