When things break, you need to know

Meta descriptions disappearing from your main pages, links suddenly breaking across your website or key pages becoming non-indexable. Whatever the problem: you need to know, and you need to know now.

That’s why ContentKing Monitoring™ watchdogs your website 24/7 and sends out alerts whenever changes are made or disaster strikes.

As a world’s first, ContentKing Alerts™ gives you the opportunity to fix problems before your rankings are impacted.

"We had several outages on Bitbucket.org and wouldn't have found out without ContentKing. That would have certainly cost organic traffic and business."

Alert routing

Whether you’re flying solo or you're part of a huge team of colleagues and stakeholders, ContentKing Alerts™ have you covered.

Configure who should get alerted and when. Get alerts in-app, by email or connect with Slack and Microsoft Teams to bring your entire team into the conversation.

With ContentKing Alerts™ the right people get alerted at the right time.

Diagram of ContentKing Alerts flow with in-app notifications, email alerts, and Slack and Microsoft Teams notifications.

"If we had not caught the issue, transactions would have dropped approximately 20%."

Intelligent alerting technology

Websites change all the time. And while you definitely want to track all of those changes, getting an alert about every detail can actually hurt your productivity.

That’s why ContentKing Alerts™ are smart. Our intelligent algorithms don’t just look at the number of pages, but also their Importance and the overall structure of the website.

That’s how we ensure ContentKing Alerts™ are actionable and delivered instantly.

ContentKing Alerts use smart algorithms which take the number of affected pages and their importance into account.

You’re in control

Every business and organization has its own challenges and requirements. ContentKing understands that, which is why our alerts are fully customizable.

Choose which alerts should be active, and for which part of the website. Decide how soon each alert should trigger and who should receive the notifications.

Whatever you need, you are fully in control.

Tailor ContentKing Alerts to your exact needs with advanced control options.