In today’s world, you need to move fast. The pressure is always on to deliver value, but hardly anyone understands the complexity of the environment you are in.

With digital driving the bottom line and businesses expecting everything to be ready yesterday, the struggle is real. In such a context, it’s easy to overlook something and ship a change with unexpected consequences.

That’s where ContentKing comes in. It watchdogs your websites in real-time and actively informs you of problems, so you can fix them immediately. Love automation? Integrate our Reporting API with your existing QA and deployment processes.

It’s time to start safeguarding against issues going into production in the first place.

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Real-Time Auditing & Alerting

Catch those bugs and regressions before it’s too late

ContentKing Monitoring™ keeps track of your website 24/7, auditing in real-time and proactively alerting you whenever something goes haywire.

With ContentKing you leave the always-one-step-behind mindset in the past. For the first time ever, you will be able to immediately remedy problems before they affect your visitors and rankings.

Advanced configuration options allow you to route alerts to the right people and can even be integrated with Slack for faster response.

Advanced configuration of SEO alerts including scope, sensitivity threshold and Slack channel.
SEO alert on website about pages becoming non-indexable.

"We had several outages on and wouldn't have found out without ContentKing. That would have certainly cost organic traffic and business."

Your source of truth

A full changelog you can rely on

As it analyses your pages, ContentKing constantly takes snapshots of them. But what’s truly incredible is that it puts these snapshots on a timeline, providing you with a full history for any URL.

And of course you can search through all those snapshots in a flash, allowing you to travel back as many releases as you want and see exactly what changed, and when. A true time-saver.

Timeline showing various content changes for a page.
Overview of multiple tracked changes across a website.

Monitor all your environments

Ship value, not bugs

Whether it’s a technical issue or a content change, any deviation is picked up by ContentKing. Thanks to its proactive alerts, you can fix the issue before it ends up in your production environment.

You’re not limited to monitoring only production environments, either. ContentKing Monitoring™ can be configured to access and monitor your staging and acceptance environments as well, so that you can do full tests before the change even comes close to production.

Various open alerts for pages affected by SEO issues.

"Page titles were removed on 5,000 key transactional pages that were live and receiving a high amount of traffic. ContentKing rapidly alerted us, but this single incident could have cost upwards of $200,000!"

Advanced Configuration Options

Tailor the platform to your needs

There is so much general-purpose tooling on the market aimed at beginners. Sure it kinda works for someone just entering the field, but the oversimplified results leave you virtually unarmed in your arena.

ContentKing is different. True, we put a lot of effort into making it as accessible as possible, but we refuse to sacrifice usefulness for simplicity. Our platform ships with smart defaults, but you’re in full control, with a vast array of configuration options at your disposal.

Example of SERP snippet with highlighted meta description.
Advanced configuration of SEO alerts on meta description changes.

Integrate with our API

Use our API to work with your data in any way you want

The ContentKing platform provides you with all the functionality you need to keep track of changes, detect issues and receive actionable alerts. That said, you’re not bound to our app to work with your data. Integrate with our API and easily extract all your data to integrate it with your existing tooling and workflows.

Example of Reporting API endpoint response.

Ship with confidence

ContentKing was built with developers in mind. We cut through the static and deliver a platform you can rely on for constant value delivery. Balance the demand from business with the complexity of your stack, and always stay one step ahead of problems

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