Connect with Google Search Console

Integrating Google Search Console with ContentKing is a breeze, and once set up ContentKing immediately starts pulling in impressions, clicks, CTRs and positions for your entire website. Check the Google performance for any page, or zoom out and check the performance across the whole website.

Google Search Console integration

Connect with Google Analytics

Connect your ContentKing account with Google Analytics to pull in pageviews, bounce rates, page values and much more. Check your Google Analytics metrics page-by-page or use the website-wide overview to quickly identify your key traffic pages. Whatever you need, the data is at your fingertips.

Google Analytics integration

Embed ContentKing in your client portal

Although ContentKing is a fantastic workbench for your SEO needs, there are situations when you want to extract the data. Client portals are a good example of that. That’s why we built our Reporting API (currently in beta), allowing you to extract and import your ContentKing data to any external platform. Whatever your use-case, you are the owner of your data and the Reporting API makes it a breeze to extract it.

Reporting API output

Integrate ContentKing in your publishing flow

On top of the Reporting API, ContentKing also features a CMS API. Through this API you can seamlessly integrate ContentKing into your publishing workflow, triggering priority auditing of the page you’re working on for on-the-fly change tracking. Make a change to your page and instantly see the results in ContentKing!

One turn-key implementation of this CMS API is the ContentKing WordPress plugin, which lets you jump right to the specific page in the WordPress CMS.

WordPress plugin

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