Connect with Slack

ContentKing integrates with Slack, pushing alert notifications right into any of your team’s Slack channels.

Using ContentKing with Slack facilitates team discussions and ensures your team is instantly aware of any problem or unexpected change.

Connect with Slack to get your ContentKing Alerts delivered to any of your team's Slack channels.

Connect with Google Analytics

Connect your ContentKing account with Google Analytics to pull in pageviews, bounce rates, page values and much more.

Check your Google Analytics metrics page-by-page or use the website-wide overview to quickly identify your key traffic pages. Whatever you need, the data is at your fingertips.

Connect Google Analytics to search, filter and segment on your traffic KPIs.
Instantly see the Google Analytics KPIs for each individual page.

Connect with Google Search Console

Integrating Google Search Console is a breeze, and once set up ContentKing immediately displays impressions, clicks, CTRs and positions for your entire website.

Check the Google performance for any page, or zoom out and check the performance across the whole website.

Connect Google Search Console to search, filter and segment on your search visibility KPIs.
Instantly see the Google Search Console KPIs for each individual page.

Connect with Google Data Studio

Whether you want to share the results of your SEO efforts with your internal team or with your clients, ContentKing’s Google Data Studio connector makes it easier than ever before!

Report on page changes, issues and health for the entire website or specific segments. The connector comes with a beautiful reporting template to get you started right away.

Create beautiful reports of your ContentKing data in Google Data Studio.
Coming soon

Connect with Adobe Analytics

Connect with Adobe Analytics to pull in your key metrics and enrich your ContentKing data. Whether you want to look up data for a specific page or segment across the entire website, the Adobe Analytics integration makes it a breeze.

With ContentKing you turn your analytics data into insights that everyone can act on.

Get direct insights to the Adobe Analytics KPIs for each individual page.

Install the Chrome extension

No more switching between tabs in your browser! ContentKing’s Chrome extension lets you see metrics, metadata, tracked changes and issues directly in your browser.

Turbo-charge your workflow with the ContentKing Chrome extension.

Use the Chrome extension to pull up ContentKing metrics, tracked changes and issues without leaving the page.

Integrate with our Reporting API

Need to integrate with other tools, embed ContentKing in your reporting portal or want to do some heavy lifting with your data? Integrate with our Reporting API and work with your data in any way you want.

Whatever your use-case, the Reporting API makes it a breeze to extract and work with your data.

Integrate and work with your data using the ContentKing Reporting API.

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