Keep track of all website changes

Whether it’s the copywriter not following the content strategy, a botched release by the developers or a client gone rogue.

In a world where small changes can have a devastating impact, it’s paramount to stay on top. That’s why ContentKing Change Tracking™ keeps track of everything that matters.

Whether you want to pull up newly added pages, removed pages or check what has changed inside your pages, it’s all a breeze with ContentKing.

"If we see rankings or traffic improve or worsen, we can turn to ContentKing for insights."

Zoom in on any page’s history

On top of the full website overview, you can just as easily use ContentKing to zoom in on any specific page and check its full historic record.

For every page ContentKing keeps a full changelog, allowing you to scroll through the full history of changes to the page title, meta description, hreflang implementation, canonical link and everything else.

Need to look under the hood? With a single click you can see the request and response headers, or even the full HTML page source of any of the historic snapshots.

View a full changelog of any of your pages in ContentKing.
Check request headers and even the full HTML page for all monitoring requests.

A time machine for your robots.txt file

The directives in your robots.txt file are like a crawling manual for search engines. A single mistake in this “simple” file has the potential to make your website completely unfindable in search engines.

That’s why ContentKing immediately alerts you whenever your robots.txt file changes. What's more: you can travel back in time, and see and compare every single robots.txt revision. Learn more about robots.txt monitoring.

Keep track of all robots.txt changes and get alerts whenever you need to take action.

Change Tracking™ on custom elements

ContentKing monitors all important SEO elements on your pages. Titles, meta descriptions, H1 headings, robot directives, and much, much more.

With Custom Element Extraction you can go even further than that and track any element you want.

Custom Element Extraction is powered by ContentKing’s proprietary Change Tracking™ technology, allowing you to track any change in your custom elements.

Capture any custom element with ContentKing's Custom Element Extraction feature.
Keep track of any change on your website pages using Custom Element Extraction.