Keeping track of all page changes

Whether you want to pull up newly added, removed or redirected pages or check what has changed inside your pages, it’s all a breeze with ContentKing.

The beautiful and simple to use interface lets you browse your history at the speed of light.

Search through history

As ContentKing keeps a full history of all changes on your website, you can travel back in time as much as you want. Want to know what changed last week? Curious what your website looked like a year ago? Whatever it is, ContentKing has the answer.

Searching in website changes

Zoom in on any page’s history

On top of the full overview of your website, you can just as easily use ContentKing to zoom in on any specific page and check its full historic record. Whether it’s page titles, meta descriptions, hreflangs or canonical links, now you can track it all.

Changes on page detail

Robots.txt changes

Although it’s such a “simple” plain-text file, if something goes wrong, your website’s robots.txt has the potential to make your website completely unfindable in search engines.

That’s why not only does ContentKing alert you whenever your robots.txt file changes, it also allows you to go back into your history to see and compare every single revision of your robots.txt file.

Now that pesky little file won’t be able to bite you!

Robots.txt changes

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