Keep track of all website changes

Know exactly what’s happening on your site.

ContentKing Change Tracking™ keeps track of every change on your site in real time. By detecting changes down to the minute, you can eliminate the guesswork and take back your time.

See what pages are being added and removed, and every change made within a page. Pinpoint the cause of an issue, track updates and follow your progress over time.

With our 24/7 monitoring, nothing goes unnoticed.

"If we see rankings or traffic improve or worsen, we can turn to ContentKing for insights."

Connect insights to results

Access the full history of your site’s changes.

ContentKing keeps a full changelog for every page, showing the history of changes to the page title, meta description, hreflang implementation, canonical link and everything else.

With a single click you can see the request and response headers, or even the full HTML page source so you can properly troubleshoot root causes of issues.

View a full changelog of any of your pages in ContentKing.
Check request headers and even the full HTML page for all monitoring requests.

A time machine for your robots.txt file

A correctly implemented robots.txt is essential. A single mistake has the potential to drop your website completely from search engines.

That’s why ContentKing immediately alerts you whenever your robots.txt file changes. You’re also able to travel back in time to see and compare every single robots.txt revision.

Find answers, get context and gain insights to unlock new opportunities. Learn more about robots.txt monitoring.

Keep track of all robots.txt changes and get alerts whenever you need to take action.

Change Tracking™ on Custom Elements

Have more flexibility with Change Tracking™ on Custom Elements.

With Custom Element Extraction, you can track any element you want and see any changes made. Zoom in on the parts of your site that matter most, and have full access to its change history.

Capture any custom element with ContentKing's Custom Element Extraction feature.
Keep track of any change on your website pages using Custom Element Extraction.