Why you need 24/7 monitoring

Page titles changing on key pages, links suddenly breaking across your website or pages becoming non-indexable. Whether it’s the copywriter not following the content strategy, a release gone wrong or a client gone rogue, you need to know immediately.

That’s why ContentKing keeps track of everything important and proactively notifies you. Finally you can take action before it hurts your bottom line.

ContentKing Alerts notify you when disasters strike, such as pages becoming non-indexable.

"If we see rankings or traffic improve or worsen, we can turn to ContentKing for insights."

Auditing & Change Tracking™

Thanks to ContentKing Monitoring™, your pages are continuously being audited and you're instantly alerted of problems requiring your attention.

What’s more: Change Tracking™ captures every website change for you. Whether it’s pages being added or removed, or even changes within pages, ContentKing tracks it all and makes everything searchable at the speed of light.

ContentKing provides you with deep insights into the issues on your websites.
ContentKing provides a full overview of the tracked changes on your websites.

Be alerted before search engines notice

Search engines constantly visit your website, noticing any change that’s made so they can use that information to change the order of their search results if needed.

Thanks to 24/7 ContentKing Monitoring™ you can be notified of what search engines are seeing before they actually see it! For the first time you have the opportunity to solve issues before your organic visibility is impacted.

Diagram of ContentKing Alerts flow with in-app notifications, email alerts and Slack notifications.

Smart Monitoring™

Staying up to date with a dynamic website can be challenging. That’s why ContentKing uses smart algorithms to monitor your website.

ContentKing considers tons of signals when deciding which page to check next, such as its importance within the website, heuristics based on activity on related pages, and even human interaction on the platform.

ContentKing Alerts use smart algorithms which take the number of affected pages and their importance into account.
Smart heuristics are used for monitoring to decide which page to check next.

Performance loopback

ContentKing continuously keeps an eye on the performance of your website. If reduced performance is detected, ContentKing automatically scales back monitoring to prevent the website from getting overloaded.

On top of this automatic mechanism you’re fully in control of how ContentKing monitors your website. Decide what sections of the website are monitored and set the monitoring frequency.

ContentKing monitoring supports advanced configuration to tailor the monitoring configuration to your needs.
Thanks to its loopback algorithms ContentKing can automatically detect and act on performance issues.

How ContentKing is different

Traditional crawlers are passive. You need to configure a crawl, wait until it completes and then manually try to spot the differences from the previous crawl. This is slow, expensive and error prone. And what about problems occurring between crawls? How will you know in time?

ContentKing is the only SEO solution on the market to continuously monitor websites. Thanks to its Alerting™ and Change Tracking™ technology you have a fair fighting chance for the very first time. Finally you can solve problems before your visibility is impacted.

Comparing ContentKing issue detection with traditional crawlers.