The State of Featured Snippets in 2020

May 26, 2020
Brodie Clark, an Australian SEO Consultant, explains the state of Featured Snippets in 2020. Should you still aim for position 0?
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10 Little Great Improvements - Spring 2020

May 20, 2020
Difficult times are a great reminder to look back and appreciate the little things, especially the triumphs which often go unnoticed. We’re doing the same with this roundup of all the little improvements we’ve made to ContentKing recently that might have been overshadowed by big features.
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How to Improve Crawling & Indexing for Large Sites

April 23, 2020
John Morabito, Director of SEO at Stella Rising, explains how to improve the crawling and indexing process for large sites, for better SEO performance!
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How to leverage Data Science for SEO

March 23, 2020
JR Oakes, Senior Director, Technical SEO Research at Locomotive, explains what role Data Science plays within SEO, how it can save you loads of time and make you a better SEO!
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Granular access control and other advanced features with ContentKing’s Enterprise plan

March 5, 2020
ContentKing proudly announces the Enterprise plan, ideal for larger organizations that need more granular access control and advanced features, such as full request snapshots, keeping track of up to 20 custom elements and checking page changes from up to 5 years ago.
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How to Win at Enterprise SEO

February 22, 2020
Ron Cierniakoski, Operations Manager at Terakeet, explains how to win at Enterprise SEO, and why looking beyond revenue through organic search is essential.
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Turbo-charge your workflow with the ContentKing Chrome extension

January 27, 2020
No more switching between tabs in your browser! Use our new Chrome extension to check the most pressing SEO issues and other ContentKing data right from your browser.
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ContentKing changes monitoring IP addresses

November 19, 2019
Over the past two years our customer base has expanded significantly and because of that we need to make some changes to our monitoring infrastructure to support that growth. As part of these changes, the IP addresses from which we monitor your websites will change.
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