We recommend that you read this Privacy Policy carefully. The capitalized words are defined in the Terms of Use.

ContentKing takes your privacy very seriously and treats all your personal information with great care. In order to guarantee your privacy, ContentKing always acts in accordance with the Dutch Data Protection Act and any other applicable regulation with respect to privacy/data protection.

1. Who and what is ContentKing?

ContentKing is the name of an online platform created by ContentKing B.V., registered at Amsterdam, the Netherlands and having its offices at Donauweg 10, 1043 AJ Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The Service is an online platform, on which You can monitor the Content Information of a website, based on the metrics of the Service, The Service can be used to check the content of a website you monitor and its performance , such as metrics concerning its ability to be findable, shareable and optimizable for conversions.

The manner in which your personal data are processed has been reported to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

2. What information does ContentKing collect and process?

Account information

In order to make use of the Service offered by ContentKing, a personal Account is created upon Your registration. In order to create an Account, You are required to provide an email address and a password.

Your Account information may also include your first and last name and your job title.

This personal information is stored and processed by ContentKing and will not be made available to other customers.

Website information

To provide You the Service, information about the website you want to analyze is processed by ContentKing. This information includes, inter alia:

  • The URL of the pages on the website you monitor
  • The ContentKing score of a page
  • Any information made available on a page of the website you montor;

Automatically generated data

ContentKing requires certain information in order to provide the Service. That is why ContentKing collects automatically generated data about your use of the Service, such as the pages on our platform you visit and the time spent on each page.

Payment information

In order to make use of the Service, You will have to pay an amount as specified on the Website. Since ContentKing does not process these payments, we will not ask you for your bank account information. The payments are processed by a third party, Recurly, which third party has its own privacy policy with regard to your payment- and other personal information. ContentKing is, however, required to receive some of your personal information in order to process payments. This information will only be used in order to process payments and may include:

  • your (company) name;
  • your e-mail address;
  • your billing information

3. Cookies

When using the Service, various cookies are saved on your computer, which can then be accessed by ContentKing. Cookies are small pieces of information (in the form of text) that a server sends to the browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) with the intention that the browser sends this information back to the server the next time a user makes use of the Service. Cookies of ContentKing cannot damage your computer or the files saved on it.

When you use the Service, ContentKing cookies are saved on your computer, which are used for functional, analytical and commercial purposes. Such cookies are used by ContentKing, for example, to remember your login information.

ContentKing may also use analytical cookies (the service offered by third parties generating statistics as regards our Website’s traffic and traffic sources). The use of these cookies serves merely as means to analyze the traffic on our Website and these cookies do not have the capability to trace you in any way. We use analytical cookies only to improve our Service, by, for example, searching for errors in the Service. ContentKing may also use other cookies in order to show you our advertisements on other webpages.

You can configure your browser in such a way that existing cookies are deleted and that no new cookies will be installed on your computer the next time you use the Service. However, it is then possible that you will not be able to make optimal use of the Service.

4. For what purposes will ContentKing use information about you?

ContentKing may use your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To allow you to access and make use of the Service;
  • To improve the Service;
  • To communicate with you about the Service;
  • To register payments;
  • For protection purposes and to generate anonymous statistical data.

ContentKing will not provide your personal data to third parties for commercial purposes, unless you have given your explicit consent to do so. ContentKing will only provide your personal data to third parties if it is obliged to do so on account of national or international laws, case law and/or regulations, if ContentKing considers it necessary to do so in defense of its own rights or if you have given permission to do so.

5. How does ContentKing protect your personal information?

ContentKing takes appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) information against loss or any form of unlawful use. ContentKing stores your data in data centers which are fully compliant with the latest security policies and audit guidelines. ContentKing continually updates its operating systems and related software to ensure that the chance of a data breach is minimized. Only a very limited number of the ContentKing staff members has access to your data and is only allowed to access your data for maintenance and performance purposes.

When you use the Service, your connection to the Web Client will be encrypted with a TLS-certificate. A TLS-certificate is a widely used technique that ensures that any information that is exchanged, is encrypted before being sent over the internet. When you access the Web Client you will notice that the start of the URL in your browser changes to https:// in stead of http://.

6. Transfer of personal data

For technical reasons it may be necessary that Your personal data will be transferred to servers of ContentKing or its affiliated parties. These third parties are certified under the Safe Harbour principles. However, since personal data protection even under the Safe Harbour program may not offer an adequate level of protection, ContentKing will ask you for permission to transfer Your personal data in such a case. In particular, to support the billing process, ContentKing uses the services of Recurly, a US based provider of payment and billing services.

7. Viewing, changing and deleting your data

If you wish to know what information ContentKing has collected about you or if you wish to change information that ContentKing possesses about you, you can file a request to ContentKing to that extent at legal@contentkingapp.com. ContentKing will provide you with the information within 4 weeks. If you want ContentKing to delete all personal information it possesses about you, you can also contact us at legal@contentkingapp.com. ContentKing will endeavor to comply with such a request within a reasonable time.

8. Can this Privacy Policy be changed?

It is possible for the Privacy Policy to be amended in the future. This would then be mentioned on this web page, so it is recommended to regularly have a look at this page.

9. Questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at legal@contentkingapp.com.