The content field is a diverse one, with so many different skills in play. Engaging copywriting, smart visualizations, clever call-to-actions, incentives to get your content shared and other marketing drivers. And once that’s done for the day, you’re still faced with the daunting task of making sure that search engines are able to make sense of it all.

ContentKing to the rescue. Our platform makes discovering traffic growth opportunities a breeze, and is the first tool ever that allows you to keep track of what is actually happening on your website.

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Real-Time Auditing at Scale

Discover growth opportunities and seize them

You and your team are tasked with creating a continuous stream of successful content. But are you sure all of that content is accessible and understandable to search engines?

ContentKing provides you with an easy-to-use overview of your content and where to focus your attention. It highlights exactly what problems are holding you back and what you need to work on to get more traffic and improve the overall success of your content.

Quickly discover what problems may prevent your content from getting indexed and how to improve your internal linking structure. With ContentKing you have all the insights you need to ensure optimal search engine visibility, without all the static of false positives and non-issues. Get those search engine positions you deserve, and the loyal readership that comes with them.

Chart showing how SEO issues affect different website segments.
Charts displaying distribution of URL types and importance score across website.

"ContentKing helps to schedule hygiene moments, where it is easy to divide the SEO activities among different people. Using the tool to tackle on-page issues requires very little explanation."

Overview and Topic Clusters

Help search engines to make sense of your content

As your website grows, it’s easy to lose track of your content strategy. Over time, it becomes harder and harder to maintain a coherent structure that visitors and search engines can make sense of.

ContentKing makes it all much easier, by allowing you to easily search across your entire website and create topic clusters using our powerful segmentation features. From there, you can bring your entire team on the platform and collaborate to improve that content.

Chart displaying tracked changes for a website.
Performance benchmarks of various website segments.

Content Overview & Change Tracking

Keep track of content being created and updated

You and your team create and update content on a daily basis. But how do you keep track of it all? How do you know that your spreadsheets and other tools are actually matching with reality? ContentKing provides a definitive overview so you can be sure everything is in order.

Our unique Change Tracking™ technology keeps track of every change you should be aware of. Quickly see what content was added yesterday, last month, or a year ago. Deep-dive into changes made to individual pages, or across the entire website.

For the first time ever, you will see exactly what’s happening on your website, immediately as it happens.

Timeline showing various content changes for a page.
Overview of multiple tracked changes across a website.

"We use the custom extraction feature to grab the date for when a page was last updated and who updated it last. With this our content editors can easily prioritise accordingly."

Collaborate Across Multiple Disciplines

Bring your whole team onboard

Creating content is a complex team effort, from content creators and SEOs to social media marketers, developers and everyone in between.

ContentKing was built to support this multidisciplinary workflow, providing an accessible platform with carefully designed interfaces and an integrated knowledge base, so that your team can do their work better and faster than ever before.

Bring your team members and stakeholders together on the platform, and collaborate to create your most successful content ever.

Overview of team members in a ContentKing account.
Advanced access control when adding team member to ContentKing account.

Level up your content

With content being your bread and butter, it’s essential for Google and other search engines to be able to make sense of it all.

  • Easily identify opportunities for traffic growth
  • Get insights in the content you have and how to best segment it in topic clusters
  • Keep track of what’s really happening on your website with Change Tracking™
Level up your content

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