The only real-time auditing solution

The only auditing solution that delivers a complete and real-time overview of your on-page SEO performance.

ContentKing Monitoring™ audits your pages 24/7, supplying you actionable insights based on data from now, not a week ago.

No more waiting for a crawl to finish before discovering issues or changes. Your data is always available in the cloud, and prioritized by what’s most important to you.

ContentKing provides you with deep insights into the issues on your website.

"Within the last 3 months, we’ve seen a 30% increase in organic traffic to our website."

"ContentKing has improved our technical SEO productivity by around 30%."

Focus on what’s most important to you

Leverage the full power of ContentKing with advanced issue configuration options.

Tailor your auditing suite to focus on what’s most important to you. Customize the Issue parameters, and define which ones you’re okay with skipping.

Zoom in on the most relevant data for your specific goals, drill down into key metrics and unlock more use-cases for your entire team.

Example of ContentKing auditing on meta descriptions.
ContentKing Auditing comes with smart defaults, but you can override the auditing settings to your needs.

Insights made easy

Transform data and reports into actionable insights.

Data becomes manageable with our user-friendly interface, even for the largest of sites. With powerful filtering and segmenting options, you can make sense of your data without feeling overwhelmed.

And the ease of use doesn’t stop there. Our UI is designed with built-in reference material that explains what the issue is and why to solve it, accelerating the onboarding process so anyone on your team can jump right in with no training required.

The ContentKing Academy contains a wealth of digital marketing reference material and guides.
For every issue ContentKing explains why it's a problem and how to solve it.