Intelligent Auditing of your pages

The way we see it, an auditing tool should deliver actionable tasks, without all the static of false positives and non-issues.

That’s why we built our auditing suite to take every signal into account, making sure you only see what’s important to you.

Thanks to its 24/7 monitoring your pages are continuously being audited, meaning that your results are immediately available whenever you log into ContentKing.

ContentKing Auditing Suite
Meta Information Supported
Canonical Links Supported
Robot Directives Supported
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Meta information issues

Audit your website’s technical foundation

Content can’t survive on its own—it needs help. If your website’s technical foundation is not up to par, even the best content in the world is not going to save you.

That’s why ContentKing thoroughly analyses your website’s platform to ensure it’s in top-notch state. And just like your pages this is done 24/7, meaning that ContentKing immediately picks up on changes in your XML sitemaps, robots.txt file or domain configuration.

ContentKing Auditing Suite
XML Sitemaps Supported
Robots.txt Supported
Non-canonical domain variants Supported
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Structure your website with Segments

Depending on your content strategy, different pages deserve different amounts of attention. That’s why we’ve introduced an entirely new way to deal with all the nuances in your pages: Segments!

Segments allow you to create logical groupings of your pages based on your needs, which you can then use to focus your auditing and optimization efforts.

Segments on Dashboard

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