We have three distinct pricing models: Standard Pricing, Agency Pricing and Enterprise Pricing. Access to these pricing models is not restricted, so you are free to pick the model that best fits your needs.

Fair and flexible pricing

With ContentKing you only pay for the number of actual pages, not for the number of URLs. This means that you’ll never pay for 404 errors, redirects or any other non-page URL.

Furthermore there is no such thing as “credits” here: you pay for the number of pages, regardless of how often they’re crawled.

Lastly, you never pay per user. With ContentKing you get an unlimited number of seats.

Commitment discounts

We reward it when you commit to us long-term. For a quarterly or annual payment cycle, you’ll get a discount of 10% and 15% respectively.

The Agency Pricing model

The Agency Pricing model is intended for digital marketing agencies responsible for a large number of client websites. With this pricing model, you pick the total number of pages to monitor (called the “Page Bundle”) and the plan that best fits your needs.

You are free to distribute this Page Bundle over as many websites as you want, keeping in mind that the minimum number of pages per individual website is 1,000.

There are three plans available: Young Agency, Growing Agency, and Pro Agency. These plans differ in three aspects:

  1. Price per thousand pages
  2. Features
  3. Support and training

You can find the agency plans on our Agency Pricing page.

The Standard Pricing model

Standard pricing is intended for non-agency businesses managing a limited number of websites, although you are free to add as many websites as you want (but after a few, the Agency Pricing model will be more financially advantageous).

Under this model you pay per website for the number of pages you need to monitor. Each website has its own payment cycle, so you can decide to pay per month for one website, per quarter for another, and per year for a third website.

Important: with this pricing model, you can’t rotate websites. Subscriptions are bound to individual websites, meaning you can’t swap out one website for another and use the original website’s credit.

To see the pricing for the Standard Pricing model, go here.

The Enterprise Pricing model

Enterprise pricing is intended for larger organizations with special requirements on data storage, consultancy and training. Enterprise solutions are always tailor-made to your requirements.

In case you’re interested in our Enterprise offering please fill in this form to get the conversation started.

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