Page Bundle and Page Capacity

When determining the number of monitored pages, ContentKing uses two different concepts: Page Bundle and Page Capacity.

This article explains how these two concepts differ and how they are related to each other.

Page Bundle

Page Bundle is the total number of pages that you are monitoring on all websites altogether.

You are free to divide your Page Bundle across the monitored websites. The number of pages from the Page Bundle that you allocate to a website is the Page Capacity.

Page Capacity

Page Capacity is the maximum number of pages that you allow ContentKing to monitor on a website. You can set the Page Capacity individually for each website in your account according to your needs.

The minimum Page Capacity that you can set for a website is 1,000 pages.

Important: both Page Bundle and Page Capacity only include actual content pages returning the HTTP status 200. Redirects, 404s, server errors, etc. are excluded and you never pay for them.

Relation to pricing

Our pricing is based on the Page Bundle, ie. on the total number of monitored pages on all of your websites altogether.

This means that you are free to distribute the pages from the Page Bundle across the websites you are tracking.

You can find more information about this in the "Sign Up" section of ContentKing.

What Page Capacity value to set

The right Page Capacity to set is based on the total number of pages on the website with a (small) margin for newly added pages.

If you're unsure how many pages your website has it's advisable to check your the number of URLs found in your XML Sitemaps:

ContentKing Platform: XML Sitemaps

Usually that's a good indicator for the total number of pages. Still not sure? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

Website at the Page Capacity limit

It can happen that one of your websites reaches the Page Capacity limit. You will recognize this by a red exclamation-mark icon being attached to the website.

If a website reaches the Page Capacity limit, it means that ContentKing cannot monitor the whole website, because there are pages beyond the Page Capacity limit.

We always recommend monitoring the whole website, as that’s when ContentKing can bring you the most value and the most accurate data.

To solve this, simply raise the website’s Page Capacity in the Website Settings screen using the following steps:

  1. Go to Account
  2. Select the website you want to increase the Page Capacity for
  3. Click on Edit in the Usage Settings section
  4. Drag the Page Capacity slider to the amount of pages you want to monitor
  5. Click the Adjust Settings button

Please note that if you're not in trial anymore, this will increase your subscription costs. Don't worry though: ContentKing will always tell you how much the upgrade costs before you save the new Page Capacity setting.