How TELUS uses ContentKing to empower their Digital Marketing

TELUS is a major telecom operator in Canada. Headquartered in Burnaby, BC, TELUS employs 56,000 people.

TELUS' achievements:

Monitoring and change tracking for strong quality control
Crawl and index issues being solved on a continuous basis
SEO embedded across the organization using ContentKing

TELUS (opens in a new tab) is a telecommunications, security, health and technology company based in British Columbia, providing services all across Canada and employing over 56,000 people.

The challenge

Organic search is a major traffic channel for TELUS and, like most teams responsible for maintaining such a huge web property, they were having difficulties keeping up:

Being a small SEO team for such a huge company, we struggled with keeping on top of all of the changes that were happening on the site. We simply couldn’t be everywhere.

Maria Toribio, Performance Analysis Consultant at TELUS, went looking for a solution to this problem.

The solution

While researching options, Toribio came across ContentKing and started a trial account, which came just in time:

The value of ContentKing was apparent even before we signed the contract! During the trial period, a change was made in our headless CMS that removed much of our SEO Content. We were able to respond to this issue quickly because of ContentKing’s alert system.

On top of the value derived from ContentKing’s 24/7 monitoring and alerting, the team found a lot of value in its Change Tracking feature:

ContentKing also helps us by being a changelog, so if we see rankings or traffic improve or worsen, we can turn to ContentKing for insights.

The results

ContentKing is a key part of TELUS’ digital marketing stack. On top of providing peace of mind thanks to its monitoring, alerting and change tracking capabilities, their team derives a lot of value from ContentKing’s auditing suite. TELUS has trained their team to use ContentKing continuously as part of the page audit process to ensure there are no problems impacting findability.

Looking ahead, TELUS is setting up reporting for the team and relevant stakeholders using the ContentKing Google Data Studio integration, which makes reporting a breeze.

Lastly, TELUS is working on a seamless integration between ContentKing and Contentful, their headless Content Management System, to make SEO KPIs directly available to editors.

The search for a solution to managing their ever-growing list of website changes impacting their SEO ultimately led TELUS to a platform that they now use on a daily basis to streamline their digital marketing workflow.

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