How Found boosted their productivity by 30% with ContentKing

Found is a widely known and well-respected digital marketing agency based in London.

Found's achievements:

30% productivity boost
In-depth training to onboard the team in no-time
Strong quality control mechanism

Found (opens in a new tab) is a multi award-winning, London-based digital growth agency with offices in London. Amongst other services, they support their clients with their SEO and content marketing efforts. A Google Premier partner agency, and a top 10 Great Place to Work®, they run digital marketing campaigns for top international brands like Bonmarché, Unilever and Fender.

The challenge

Seeing the expansion of their client portfolio and with it the complexity of their digital marketing work, Oli Long, Head of Technical SEO at Found, recognized the need for a better solution to keep serving their demanding clientele and track their websites.

SEO auditing is made up of a huge number of components, which to continuously check across a diverse client base is a massive drain on available resources. This created a requirement to find a platform that could monitor this in real-time.

The solution

They found their solution: ContentKing. The real-time nature of its change tracking and auditing suite means that Found can now easily keep up with their clients.

The tracked changes functionality is definitely something we were missing before ContentKing. Clients so often change things without considering the SEO implications, and often don’t even let you know they have! The real-time auditing and tracked changes functions allow us to identify things within hours, rather than after the damage has already been done!

Asked how easy it was to get started with ContentKing, Long had this to say: “Getting started with ContentKing couldn’t have been easier. Our team was trained through an in-depth webinar at the start of our work with the platform. It clearly explained each of the features and how it can be used for our clients. If we have questions or even suggestions for new features, the ContentKing support team is always there.”

The results

The results speak for themselves. Long: “ContentKing has improved our technical SEO productivity by around 30%, which has contributed towards increasing our capacity as an agency, without having to expand the team.”

On top of the impressive productivity gains, Long also shares a story about how ContentKing saved one of their clients from an SEO nightmare: “A client decided to remove a number of directives from their robots.txt file, which resulted in their search visibility declining in core keywords. The tracked changes feature in ContentKing allowed us to swiftly identify and resolve the issue, letting us recover any lost rankings in a matter of days.”

To sum up: with ContentKing the Found team achieved a 30% productivity boost and got a strong quality control mechanism to keep track of their clients’ websites 24/7!