Feature Announcements

There’s a new dashboard in town

  • September 7, 2017
  • Veronika Martosova

We just finished completely overhauling our dashboard. In addition to a fresh, new look, we've also added two widgets that you're going to love: a Change Tracking chart and Segment overview. Let's have a look!

Immediately spot changes

First up is the Change Tracking chart. Beyond being beautifully elegant, this chart gives you an incredible overview of how many pages were changed, added, removed, etc. and when! Click on any of the bars and dive straight into the data to figure out what exactly happened and whether you need to take any action.

New dashboard

The power of data visualization, right? 🙂


The second widget I want to highlight is the new Segments overview. Here you'll find a quick overview of how your entire website and its specific segments are doing in terms of health, pages and issues.

Segments overview

In case you're unfamiliar with Segments: this powerful tool lets you slice-and-dice your website into logical partitions, allowing you to focus on exactly the things that matter to you. Learn more about Segments here.

Check it out right now

The new dashboard is now live for all ContentKing accounts, so go check it out! Not using ContentKing yet? Start your free 14-day trial right now.

Veronika Martosova

Veronika is ContentKing's Product Manager. She loves talking to our customers to understand their needs and then work with the development team to come up with the right solutions to them. She enjoys working on the intersection of design, development, marketing and business.