May 21, 2018

ContentKing + Google Analytics: a match made in heaven

Following right on the heels of our Google Search Console integration, ContentKing now also connects with Google Analytics!

Bring your Google Analytics data to ContentKing

Who likes long setup processes? Yeah, we don’t either. Just connect to Google Analytics and select the correct view. After that, you’ll be able to see your visitor and page analytics data directly in ContentKing!

Just pull up any page and immediately check the latest data from Google Analytics:

ContentKing - Google analytics page detail

Or zoom out to view the entire website and sort, search or filter on Google Analytics data combined with any other criteria:

ContentKing - Google analytics integration


Bringing your website analytics data into ContentKing makes a lot of sense. Here are our favourite use-cases:

  • Identify pages with lots of visits and a high bounce rate.
  • Prioritize your optimization efforts by filtering out pages that receive very few visits.
  • Get a broader picture of how your changes affect page performance.

Getting started

To get started, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Log in to ContentKing and navigate to the Account → Websites screen
  2. Click on the website you want to connect
  3. Look for the “Integrations” sections and click “Edit”
  4. Click “Connect” and authenticate with Google Analytics
  5. Select the relevant Google Analytics Account and View, and hit the Save settings button!

Note: to help you connect the correct Google Analytics account ContentKing checks whether it can find the website in the View settings. Refer to the Google Analytics documentation on View configuration for more information on how to set this up.

Don’t have a ContentKing account yet? Do yourself a favor and get started today!


Vincent van Scherpenseel
Vincent is ContentKing's Chief Executive Officer. He's passionate about product management and loves to work at the intersection of design, development and business. Which makes ContentKing the perfect challenge for him.

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