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10 Little Great Improvements - Winter 2021

  • February 9, 2021
  • Veronika Martosova

These hard times have been dragging too long – but they’ve also taught us to appreciate life’s little things. That’s why we’re bringing you another edition of 10 Little Great Improvements in ContentKing. Check out these improvements to make sure you haven’t missed any:

1. Alerts for invalid SSL certificates

There are plenty of possible reasons why your SSL certificate might be invalid. Some examples:

  • It has a different hostname
  • It is not valid yet
  • It has already expired

Our Issues section has been able to inform you of these problems for a long time, but now we’ve taken this one step further and begun directly alerting you about this issue. The new alert is already created in your account, so now you’ll know about any SSL certificate problems immediately!

Alert that a SSL certificate became invalid on the website microsoft.com

2. Alert sensitivity level helper

Are you struggling to choose the right Sensitivity level for your alert definitions? Now you can easily compare the different Sensitivity levels directly when configuring an alert: just move the Sensitivity slider and see how many pages need to be affected for the alert to trigger for each level.

Not familiar with alerts’ Sensitivity levels? Read more about configuring alerts in our support article.

When exporting pages with broken links, you can now also see the anchor text of any problematic links, to easily identify them on each page:

Export of pages with broken links showing the URL, Link URL, status code and label of the link

Similarly, you can now see the anchor text in exports of pages with links to redirects as well, so you can find and fix these links much faster too:

Export of pages with links to redirects showing the URL, Link URL, status code and label of the link

And this isn’t the only thing we’ve added to exports of pages with links to redirects! They also now show you the redirect targets for those links, so that you can start fixing them right away.

Export of pages with links to redirects showing the URL, Link URL, status code, label of the link and the redirect target

5. Quick jump to Search Console

This one really boosts your productivity! If you spot something unexpected on a Page detail, you can reach the details for that page in Search Console in a single click:

Google Search Console section on a page detail in ContentKing with a new button to open the page in Search Console

6. Custom Element Extraction improvements

We’ve added a bunch of enhancements for Custom Elements Extraction to vastly broaden the scope of what you can extract and monitor on pages:

  • Extract dates in a text format and easily run a filter on them
    • When was a page last updated?
    • Which pages were updated over 90 days ago?
  • Turn any custom element into a boolean
    • Which products are out of stock?
  • And many other transformations for easier and faster configuration of your custom elements!
Custom elements Date published and Out of stock shown on Pages screen in ContentKing

Is setting up your custom elements still hard? Just reach out to us (opens in a new tab) and we’ll be happy to set it up for you!

7. Add multiple websites in bulk

When it comes to configuring your ContentKing account, we’re always improving things to make it as fast for you as possible. That’s why you can now add multiple websites to your ContentKing account at once, in just three easy clicks! Just copy and paste the list of the websites you want to have monitored to a modal for adding websites (opens in a new tab), and we’ll take care of the rest.

Modal showing 5 websites that are ready to be added to a ContentKing account in bulk

8. Quick open any page

Another productivity booster! In the last edition of 10 Little Great Improvements, we already showcased how you can open any page directly from Pages: just right-click on any row in the table and choose whether you want to open the page’s details in a new tab, open the page on the website in a new tab, or copy the full URL of the page to the clipboard.

But this comes handy in other places too, so now you can boost your productivity on these screens as well:

9. Left sidebar cleaned up

Navigate the app much more easily thanks to the cleaned-up sidebar:

  • The Settings (opens in a new tab) for the website you have currently selected are now sitting right below Alerts, grouped nicely together with other website-level sections;
  • The Profile (opens in a new tab) section for your personal settings is now in the sidebar as well, right below the “Account” section with the settings for your entire ContentKing account.

Now you can easily access both of these screens in a single click from anywhere in the app!

Newly added Settings and Profile sections highlighted in the left sidebar in ContentKing

10. User-agent examples

When configuring your Monitoring settings (opens in a new tab) to make sure ContentKing isn’t blocked, you can now see the exact user-agent string for each user agent you can choose from! This makes choosing the right one, and whitelisting it if needed, so much easier.

User-agent string displayed below the selected user agent Google Chrome (desktop) in ContentKing
Veronika Martosova

Veronika is ContentKing's Product Manager. She loves talking to our customers to understand their needs and then work with the development team to come up with the right solutions to them. She enjoys working on the intersection of design, development, marketing and business.