Tomas Halajcik

Lead Designer

Tomas is a Lead Designer, and is tasked with making ContentKing look good.

Tomas has 10+ years of design experience spanning across a variety of sectors including: designing emails for an advertising agency, working on video effects for movies, preparing textures for a game studio, developing the brand identity for an international software company, marketing campaigns for a travel startup — and the list doesn’t end there, he’s also worked on several side projects! Additionally, he has a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia and a Master's degree in Applied Informatics and Graphic Design.

Now, he is responsible for a combination of UX/UI and marketing designs. Whether it’s graphics on a website or a booth for a conference, Tomas is ready for the challenge and says he enjoys the process of working on new projects.

Beyond his interests in design, Tomas enjoys getting his body moving with any physical activity and uncovering new curiosities with his children.

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