Raian Pollock

VP of Global Sales

As VP of Global Sales, Raian is responsible for leading the sales team and growing our customer base.

Raian brings nearly 10+ years of sales experience to ContentKing, including 5+ years in the localization industry and the past few years in SaaS.

With an expertise in enterprise sales, Raian centers his work around helping high-growth organizations maximize and accelerate the capture of revenue. He is well-versed in helping businesses find a solution to their challenges, and enjoys making personal connections with client teams around the world.

After living in 8 cities across the Americas and Europe, Raian now resides in Amsterdam. His free time is spent enjoying various forms of music, contemplating urbanism and architecture, keeping up with advances of technology and policy in the world.

And if you want to hear about how great ContentKing is in another way, Raian is your guy. Both English and Portuguese are his native languages, having learned each language before he would walk!

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