Martin Pesout

UI Engineer

Martin brings 15+ years of experience to our development team. As a UI Engineer, he crafts the look, feel, and interface functionality of ContentKing.

Martin began building websites when he was 18 years old. While at the time this was just a hobby for him, it provided invaluable experience and was the basis for his future career. Now, with a Master's degree from Masaryk University Brno, building websites is Martin’s full-time job.

Complementing his several years of experience is Martin’s intrinsic feel for design and eye for detail. He leverages being a perfectionist into creating exceptional UI design — and in those moments when templates fit flawlessly across all browsers and devices, that’s when he’s happiest.

Brno, Czech Republic is home for Martin, and most of his time is spent in the company of his family. But when he does find some moments for himself, you’ll find him doing sports like calisthenics, running or road cycling.

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