Website verification

To protect our users’ websites and to prevent abuse, certain ContentKing features require websites to be verified in order to use the features.

Features requiring website verification

The ContentKing features that require website verification are:

  • JavaScript Rendering
  • Raising the Monitoring speed above 100%
  • Setting a custom user-agent string

JavaScript Rendering

Enabling JavaScript Rendering allows ContentKing to pick up elements from both the HTML source code as well as the full rendered DOM. You can read more about this here: JavaScript Rendering

Executing JavaScript assets on websites increases the data traffic of ContentKing’s monitoring and – if configured incorrectly – can also lead to analytics data inflation. For this reason you can only enable JavaScript Rendering on verified websites.

Raising the Monitoring speed above 100%

ContentKing monitors websites continuously. The speed with which ContentKing crawls your website depends on your website’s size, webserver’s capacity and the Monitoring speed setting which you can control. You can read more about this setting here: Monitoring speed and frequency

By default, the Monitoring speed for any website you add to ContentKing is set to 100%. You can fully control this setting and lower the speed if necessary.

However, if you want ContentKing to crawl your website faster than 100%, you first need to verify the website.

After the website is verified, the Monitoring speed can be set up to 1,000%.

Raising the Monitoring speed above 100% should be done with caution.

While ContentKing will be able to detect changes on your website faster, there will also be significantly more requests sent to your server.

Setting a Custom User-agent

Browsers and web crawlers such as ContentKing send a special identification, called the user-agent string, to the website they’re accessing. More about this here: User-agent string

ContentKing allows you to choose from a variety of predefined user-agent strings which you can set for a website.

You can also use a fully custom user-agent string. However, to enable this option for a website, the website needs to be verified first.

How to verify a website in ContentKing

To verify a website in ContentKing you you need to enable the Google Analytics integration or the Google Search Console integration.

To enable these integrations for a website, go to the Integrations tab of the Settings section.

ContentKing Integrations

If connecting Google Analytics or Google Search Console isn’t possible for you, please contact us for manual website verification.