Monitoring specific website sections only

Although we strongly recommend against doing this it is possible to limit monitoring to specific sections of your website. The reason why we don't recommend doing this is that you create a blind spot for yourself, and tests that rely on multiple data points (such as auditing for broken links or duplicate-content issues (opens in a new tab)) will have limited reliability.

We do understand that not every page may be equally important to the success of your business, but we've learned from experience that serious issues do occur in pages initially deemed to be "uninteresting," and these issues may in turn hurt the entire website's SEO performance.

To support the concept of having your entire website monitored, we have made our pricing model as fair and flexible as possible: you only pay for pages (not for errors, redirects, etc.), and the more pages you monitor, the lower the price per page.

Having said all of this, if you still want to continue with monitoring only parts of your website, you can do this through the "URL Exclusion List". See this Support article on how to set this up: How can I exclude certain parts of my website from monitoring?