Certified Partner Program


Although we are known for our excellent customer service, our customer support is limited to the usage of the platform. ContentKing is a "pure-play" software vendor: our team is laser-focused on building the best SEO platform possible.

But with so many businesses relying on our software, we often get asked if we provide consultancy or implementation services. We don't. We excel at creating market-leading technology solutions because of our focus. What's more: 30% of our customer base is made up of digital marketing agencies. We are grateful to have them and don't want to compete over customers.

Which is why we've created our Certified Partner Program: to connect our end-user customers with our agency customers. Now our end-user customers find the service provider they're looking for, while our agency customers get new business leads.

Benefits of being a Certified ContentKing Partner

1. Get leads for your agency

As we don't offer consultancy or implementation services, we forward those requests to our Certified Partners. As a Certified Partner, you're eligible to receive these leads from us.

2. Receive a 20% recurring commission on referred customers

Certified Partners also receive 20% of all recurring revenue from the customers they refer. Not only does this reduce your tooling costs, it actually turns ContentKing into a revenue stream.

Certified ContentKing Partners are listed in our partner directory with a full profile. Showcase your agency, introduce the team, explain how you collaborate with your clients and why your agency is the right fit for them.

4. Use the exclusive Certified Partner badge in your marketing material

Get recognition and build trust by featuring the Certified ContentKing Partner badge on your website and in other marketing materials, showcasing your expertise with our market-leading solution.

How to become a Certified Partner


Agencies meeting the following conditions are eligible to become a Certified ContentKing Partner:

  • You offer SEO consultancy or implementation services as an agency or as a freelancer.
  • You go above and beyond to deliver the very best quality of services to your clients.
  • You have been a ContentKing customer for at least three months.


  1. Check if you meet the requirements stated above.
  2. Apply here (opens in a new tab) to start the vetting process.
  3. Once accepted, you will receive the Certified Partner agreement for e-signing and a questionnaire covering all the data we need to list you in our Certified Partner directory.
  4. Once the agreement is signed and we have received all the details for your listing, you'll be made an official Certified ContentKing Partner and your directory listing will be published.