Certified Partner Program

Benefits of being a Certified Partner

  • receive a 20% revenue share on referred customers
  • get recognition and build trust by featuring the Certified Partner badge on your website
  • receive consultancy leads from ContentKing

Revenue share

As a Certified Partner you’ll receive 20% of all recurring revenue from the customers you refer. Not only does this reduce your tooling costs, it actually turns ContentKing into a revenue stream.

Certified Partner badge

Add the exclusive Certified Partner badge to your website to showcase your expertise to your customers and prospects.

Receive consultancy leads

ContentKing doesn’t offer SEO consultancy services, but we often get requests for these. In agreement with the requester we pass these leads on to our Certified Partners within the geographic location of the requester. By becoming a Certified Partner you’ll be eligible for receiving these consultancy leads.

How to become a Certified Partner

Agencies meeting the following conditions are eligible to become a Certified Partner:

  • You offer SEO consultancy services as an agency or as a freelancer
  • The consultancy services you offer are of high quality
  • You’ve been a ContentKing customer for at least three months

If you meet these conditions please reach out to us to start the vetting process.

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