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How Arlanet embedded ContentKing to drive their quality assurance processes

Arlanet is a software solution provider with a strong focus on eCommerce based in The Netherlands.

Arlanet’s achievements:

ContentKing embedded in release processes to ensure QA
Give their clients the ability to compete in search engines
Collaboration with clients on the ContentKing platform

Arlanet (opens in a new tab) is a software solution provider with a strong focus on eCommerce based in The Netherlands. They deliver complex eCommerce solutions for major brands, creating extensive integrations with CRM and ERP systems through enterprise-grade platforms such as Episerver and Umbraco.

The challenge

When it comes to software development, there’s a vast array of sophisticated QA tooling available to continuously audit software for bugs and performance bottleneck. But Arlanet’s clients not only expect their eCommerce platform to be rock-solid and agile, it also needs to outperform their competitors in search engines. That’s why Arlanet went looking for tooling to continuously audit their projects from an SEO perspective.

The solution

Arlanet found the solution in ContentKing. Its continuous monitoring and auditing made it the perfect answer to their search for digital marketing QA tooling and they moved fast to embed ContentKing in their workflows and processes.

ContentKing has become fully integrated in our release cycles, and in the near future we’ll extend the embedding of Contentking to other processes and services to clients. For example, client reporting, and proactive advice and application management.”

A big benefit in choosing ContentKing was how easy it was to get started. Van Gils: “We could start right away. The user training was very welcome, but we probably could have even done without it.”

The results

Since Arlanet embedded ContentKing in their QA processes they are now alerted about significant problems during their development cycles that would’ve been disastrous if they had been shipped.

In one example, a “noindex” directive was inadvertently placed in a template, which, if shipped, could’ve lead to the website’s full removal from the search engine result pages. Fortunately, with ContentKing, Arlanet caught the mistake very early in the process and addressed it before the incorrect directive was released.

Thanks to ContentKing’s collaboration features, Arlanet now even invites their clients to join them on the platform, working together to ensure everything is set up correctly for the next upcoming release.

Today ContentKing is a key part of Arlanet’s QA toolbox, giving them the control they need to ensure their clients not only get a rock-solid and feature-rich platform, but are also able to compete in search engine results.