How Zava tracks changes to medical content using ContentKing

Zava is one of the biggest digital healthcare providers in Europe, having delivered over 4 million treatments since 2011.

Zava's achievements:

25% increase in organic traffic quarter on quarter
20% productivity boost
Medical content monitored across multiple locales

Zava (opens in a new tab), headquartered in London, is one of the biggest digital healthcare providers in Europe, delivering affordable healthcare at a fraction of the regular cost. Launched in 2011, Zava has delivered over 4 million treatments across Europe.

The challenge

In the medical space, ensuring content is regularly updated and maintained is critical for both patients and search engines. The Zava website spans multiple European locales, and their in-house SEO and content teams were finding it difficult to keep track and maintain an inventory of all website content.

In an organization where code releases and content changes happen on a daily basis, keeping tabs on how these impact digital performance is critical.

That's why Zava was looking for a solution that would allow them to track changes of page elements they could manually specify, so that they could keep track of when a page was last reviewed and who has updated it.

The solution

Daniel Kelly (opens in a new tab), Head of SEO at Zava, recognised the increasing need to monitor website changes and content performance.

Kelly was introduced to ContentKing as a possible solution and found the continuous real-time auditing feature was exactly what they were looking for. After seeing what it could do he quickly embedded it into their workflow.

The ease of use allowed the entire content team to be up and running in no time. The static spreadsheets they were using quickly made way for the always up-to-date overview provided by ContentKing, speeding up the team's decision making significantly.

We use the custom extraction feature to grab the date for when a page was last updated and who updated it last. With this our content editors can easily prioritise accordingly.

The results

Since Zava began working with ContentKing, they use the platform to identify issues, enhance their workflow and make more informed decisions about content on our website.

Embedding ContentKing in their workflow paid off significantly. Thanks to the real-time content inventory, the team was able to boost productivity by 20%, which in turn lead to a significant increase in organic traffic:

By integrating ContentKing into our processes we were able to make quicker decisions about our content, leading to stronger results than projected, with a 25% increase in organic traffic quarter on quarter.

How do you keep track of content changes impacting your digital performance?

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