How ContentKing helps Sportisimo manage expansion to over 20 countries

Sportisimo is a sporting goods chain that caters to 26 countries and offers over 7 million products in their eCommerce store.

Sportisimo’s achievements:

Productivity boosted by as much as 30%
Improved QA across all localized versions of the eCommerce store
More resources for other marketing activities thanks to more efficient workflows

Sportisimo is a sporting goods chain that caters to 26 countries across the UK and continental Europe.

The Sportisimo eCommerce store offers more than 7 million products and is localized for the different countries.

The challenge

As part of the international expansion, Sportisimo needed to build the infrastructure for the localized versions of the eCommerce website and gain knowledge of the foreign markets. These activities put stress on the resources available.

With more and more projects and markets being taken up, Sportisimo’s small SEO team started getting overloaded. To scale their workflows and free up resources, the SEO team needed to find a way to monitor all of their websites for changes, quickly perform SEO audits and make their project management more efficient.

The solution

ContentKing has been able to help Sportisimo with all of these challenges.

Thanks to ContentKing’s unique 24/7 monitoring technology, the SEOs as well as other members of Sportisimo’s marketing team can easily keep an eye on all the individual projects and – most importantly – stay on top of all changes that are being made to them.

On top of this, they have set up proactive alerts for the most important changes to ensure that nothing goes wrong without their knowledge.

When searching for the right solution, user friendliness was one of the priorities for Sportisimo. They were looking for a tool that could be used and understood not only by the SEO experts, but also by other members of the marketing team.

The analyses in most of the other tools require quite a significant time capacity and the output often needs to be further edited so that other colleagues who don’t have SEO experience can understand and use it as well.

That’s where ContentKing excels – it can turn the analyzed data into nice and clear reports.

The result

Today, ContentKing is an essential part of Sportisimo’s daily workflows and is being used by the SEO team as well as by other people from the online marketing and content teams.

Thanks to the improved efficiency and quality control, Sportisimo is now able to confidently manage all of their projects without having to expand the SEO team.

What is more, the SEO team now doesn’t need to spend most of their time focusing on the technical SEO aspects, as ContentKing’s monitoring has them covered. They are now also able to dedicate time to content, keyword research and other SEO aspects.

ContentKing has also improved Sportisimo’s quality control process by enabling them to quickly spot errors and subsequently validate their fixes. As a result, the organic search performance of many Sportisimo’s projects has been gradually improving.

In some of the international projects, our productivity went up by as much as 30%. Thanks to this we’ve been able to allocate resources to faster content creation, keyword research, and other marketing channels.

Thanks to ContentKing, Sportisimo is now able to stay on top of all their websites’ SEO and keep up with all changes that are being made to the websites. The improved efficiency has freed up resources that can now be dedicated to other marketing activities to help Sportisimo get established on international markets.