How Blue Array avoids significant revenue losses with ContentKing

Blue Array is a pure-play SEO agency. With their team of over 40 people they serve customers like RAC, Photobox and Warner Music.

Blue Array's achievements:

Avoided $200K client revenue loss due to proactive alerting
Cost reduction of $80K per year thanks to productivity boost
Entire team relying on proactive alerting

Blue Array (opens in a new tab), is a pure-play SEO agency with offices in London, Reading and Brighton. With their team of over 40 people they serve large customers like PostOffice, RAC, Funding Circle, Photobox and Warner Music.

The challenge

Similar to a lot of SEO agencies, Blue Array was dealing with the "client gone rogue" problem: clients making changes to their websites impacting digital performance.

Using traditional tooling they were only able to detect these changes during the audit and reporting interval, which most of the time is simply too late.

Tom Pool, Technical SEO Director at Blue Array, went looking for a solution and came across ContentKing's unique Monitoring™ platform.

The solution

Pool set up monitoring for all clients and invited both SEO specialists and account managers to collaborate on the platform.

As Blue Array has several clients with very large websites in their portfolio ContentKing's segmentation feature proved especially useful. Using segments, Blue Array is able to slice and dice those websites and monitor the health of individual segments.

Asked what part of ContentKing is most valuable to Blue Array, Pool highlighted the proactive alerting of changes and issues:

ContentKing allows us to have visibility on these changes, and allow for us as an agency to be more proactive, alerting clients of new changes that we have noticed.

The results

For Blue Array the benefits of using ContentKing are multiple: avoiding revenue loss for their clients, significant cost savings and traffic growth.

Revenue loss avoided
There have been multiple cases where the Blue Array team was able to quickly get in touch with the client to revert or restore changes that would have negatively impacted their digital performance.

One specific situation stood out for the Blue Array team: a client made a change that caused page titles to be removed across 5,000 key pages receiving a high amount of traffic. ContentKing spotted this rapidly and notified the Blue Array team, who in turn contacted the client to immediately revert the change.

The revenue loss avoided due to being able to revert immediately? Upwards of $200,000!

Significant cost savings due to increased productivity
On the agency side, Blue Array sees significant cost savings due to highly increased productivity. Being a high-quality agency, Blue Array performs weekly checks for all clients on top of the regular reporting cycles.

ContentKing reduced the time spent on this from 2 hours per client team to 5 minutes per team, a cost reduction of approximately $80,000 per year.

Traffic growth
The time freed up by automating their client checks and other productivity improvements was reinvested into growing traffic for their clients.

This fully aligns with ContentKing's philosophy: automate whatever you can, so you can spend more time on content creation, digital PR and communicating with clients and stakeholders.

Today, there is no good reason to accept website changes made by the client going unnoticed. Similarly, there's no argument to be made for doing manual checks when you can fully automate checking of entire websites.

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