Identifying and resolving issues is important when you’re optimizing your website for organic search performance. Starting today you’ll be more productive than ever, thanks to our redesigned issue reporting with lots of beautiful visualizations!

This redesign features lots of new improvements throughout the app and we’ve selected three of our favorites to show you here.

1. Optimized for quick-glance orientation

As we got to work redesigning how issues are reported to you, we made sure to keep our mission clear: make your life easier. We know that when it feels like your to-do list just won’t stop growing, you need to be able to understand the problem – and its solution – as quickly as possible.

That’s why the new issue reporting is optimized to make important information quicker and easier to understand.

ContentKing - Redesigned Issues Reporting - Page Detail

2. See how issues break down across segments

Another great improvement: for the first time ever you can quickly see which parts of your website are impacted by a certain issue, thanks to the graphical breakdown across segments.

ContentKing - Redesigned Issues Reporting - Overview

3. Are your segments healthy?

On top of that, you can quickly assess the health of individual segments and see how they compare against each other:

ContentKing - Redesigned Issues Reporting - Segments

Start solving those (redesigned) issues right now!

The new issues and data visualizations are available in your account right now, so get started right away. Not using ContentKing yet? Do your website a favour and start your free trial today.

Vincent van Scherpenseel

Vincent is ContentKing’s Chief Executive Officer. He’s passionate about product management and loves to work at the intersection of design, development and business. Which makes ContentKing the perfect challenge for him.

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