Visualize your website’s data

Whenever you log in to ContentKing, there’s one thing that’s always there: your data. All the websites you track and their pages, redirects, and errors. Right there at your fingertips, ready to be worked with.

But sometimes that huge amount of data can be a bit much to make sense of.

That’s why, starting today, there’s a new way to work with your website’s data: graphs!

Introducing Graphs-view

The Graphs view sits in the Pages screen and provides you with an aggregation of the website’s data, making it super easy to understand the website structure. To access it, simply click on the “Graphs” button at the top of the screen:

ContentKing's Graphs view

All your filter settings carry over, too, letting you get a visualization of whatever slice of data you choose to look at. Whether it’s the entire website, a specific segment or any other combination of filter criteria.

Want to see the underlying data again? Simply toggle back to the Table view!

ContentKing pages graphs

So if you need a quick overview of your website’s structure, insights for reporting work or sweet visuals for a presentation, the Graphs view has got you covered!

Enjoy the beauty of your data

If you’ve already got a ContentKing account, you can check out this new hotness right away! Log in, navigate to Pages and click on the Graphs button up top.

If you don’t have a ContentKing account yet, do yourself a favor and get started today to be ready for 2018!

Vincent van Scherpenseel
Vincent van Scherpenseel

Vincent is ContentKing’s Chief Executive Officer. He’s passionate about product management and loves to work at the intersection of design, development and business. Which makes ContentKing the perfect challenge for him.

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