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Uncover issues in schema.org, hreflang, robot directives and more

  • April 7, 2021
  • Veronika Martosova

Not long ago we introduced issues for your Origin Core Web Vitals, and now you can speed up your auditing workflow even more thanks to new issue reporting for schema.org, hreflang, robot directives, and others!

Illustration of various issues in ContentKing auditing suite

Audit your schema.org implementation

All it takes is two clicks to identify any schema.org errors and see them in detail for every individual page.

ContentKing Issue reporting that a schema.org implementation has an invalid structure

Audit your hreflang implementation

Is the hreflang attribute with x-default value present on your pages? Are the language and region in the correct order? What if the self-referencing hreflang attribute is missing? Or maybe there are conflicting hreflang targets for the same audience. ContentKing can reveal all of these issues to you quickly and simply.

ContentKing Issues reporting that an invalid hreflang attribute is present on a page and that hreflang attributes specifying the same audience point to different targets

Audit your robot directives

The last thing you want to do is to give incorrect directives to search engines. From mixed signals to unsupported directives, Issues now gets you on track to correcting all of it.

ContentKing Issues reporting that invalid robot directives are present on a page and that robot directives give conflicting directives to search engines

Check if images are served over HTTPS

ContentKing Issues can also quickly check whether all images on an HTTPS-served page are served over HTTPS as well.

ContentKing Issue reporting that images are served over incorrect transport

Check heading level sequences

ContentKing now checks that all of the heading levels on your pages are in proper sequence, giving users a better overall experience.

ContentKing Issue reporting that heading levels on a page are skipped

Lighthouse Monitoring coming soon!

And more is on the way! Very soon ContentKing will start monitoring and auditing your Core Web Vitals Lighthouse data. Stay tuned for more details!

ContentKing will introduce Core Web Vitals Lighthouse Monitoring very soon

Check out the enhanced Issues section right now

All of the new auditing features mentioned here have already been applied to the websites you monitor in ContentKing, so go ahead and see how they’re doing!

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Veronika Martosova

Veronika is ContentKing's Product Manager. She loves talking to our customers to understand their needs and then work with the development team to come up with the right solutions to them. She enjoys working on the intersection of design, development, marketing and business.