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Turbo-charge your workflow with the ContentKing Chrome extension

  • January 27, 2020
  • Veronika Martosova

No more switching between tabs in your browser! ContentKing's brand new Chrome extension lets you see ContentKing data and the most pressing SEO issues directly when looking at a page in your browser.

Want to try it out immediately? 👉 Install the extension right now (opens in a new tab) (takes 10 seconds, literally!)

Screenshot of the ContentKing Chrome extension

Learn about a page's indexability

Finding out whether a page is indexable can be time-consuming as it depends on several factors (robots.txt (opens in a new tab), canonical links (opens in a new tab), the list goes on…). Good news: you no longer need to go Sherlock Holmes on your site anymore! Learn about the page's indexability directly from the extension’s icon:

  • if the icon is green, the page is indexable
  • but if the icon is orange, the page is non-indexable. Wondering what to look into? Just check the why? badge in the Indexable section to find out what to fix.
Icon of the ContentKing Chrome extension showing whether the page is indexable or not

And what about the blue badge? Get ready for the ugly truth - this one shows how many SEO issues there are on the page.

Quickly reveal SEO issues

Wondering what are those issues? Just open the extension and browse through the specific issues and their impact on the Page Health.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing detected SEO issues of a page

Uncover the full page history

All tracked changes are available at your fingertips. Whether it's a change from three minutes or six months ago, you'll find it at the click of a button in the extension as well.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing the hreflang change of a page

See SEO metrics when looking at a page

Do you need to quickly check the title, meta description or canonical link of the page you're looking at? Do you want to know what ContentKing segments each page is in or determine its Importance or Page Health? Get these details on each page ContentKing is monitoring for you in a single click.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing title and meta description of a page

See Google Analytics and Google Search Console data

Are you tired of logging in to Google Analytics and Google Search Console everytime you need to check the relevant metrics of a page? We've got you covered: our Chrome extension has this data available at the click of a button.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing the Google Analytics data for a page

Discover Open Graph and Twitter Cards properties

Checking Open Graph and Twitter Card properties can be painful as well - who wants to go to the source code every time? From now on you don't need to! Just open the extension and check this in an instant.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing the Open Graph properties of a page

Check custom elements extracted by ContentKing

Is ContentKing tracking some custom elements on your website? Just open the extension and enjoy the luxury of checking them directly while looking at the page in your browser.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing custom elements extracted from a page

Want to dive deeper?

Just click on Open in app to go to the app and see all details ContentKing is tracking about this page.

Button in the ContentKing Chrome extension for opening ContentKing

How to use the ContentKing Chrome extension

Getting started is super easy:

  1. Install the ContentKing Chrome extension (opens in a new tab) from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Go to any website ContentKing is monitoring for you.
  3. Click on the ContentKing extension icon in the extension toolbar.
ContentKing extension icon in the extensions toolbar

Install and turbo-charge your workflow

ContentKing's Chrome extension is available on your account right now, so don’t wait and install the Chrome extension right away (opens in a new tab)!

Not using ContentKing yet? Do your website a favor and start your free trial right now.

Veronika Martosova

Veronika is ContentKing's Product Manager. She loves talking to our customers to understand their needs and then work with the development team to come up with the right solutions to them. She enjoys working on the intersection of design, development, marketing and business.