Google Chrome extension

Here at ContentKing we aim to make your SEO processes as easy and efficient as possible, and our new Chrome extension is the next step in this effort.

Want to try it out immediately? 👉 Install the extension right now (opens in a new tab) (takes 10 seconds, literally!)

The right data at your fingertips

The ContentKing Chrome extension allows you to view ContentKing metrics and data about your websites directly in your browser.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing SEO metrics about a page directly in user's browser

When browsing a website that is being monitored by ContentKing, you can easily view all ContentKing data about the page you are currently visiting.

The ContentKing Chrome extension provides you with the following data:

  • SEO metrics
    • Segments, Page Health, and Importance
    • Indexability (HTTPS, In XML sitemap, Canonical)
    • Content (Page Title, Meta Description, Headings)
    • Google Analytics & Google Search Console data
    • Custom Elements
    • Social markup (Open Graph, Twitter Cards)
  • Tracked Changes
  • Issues

SEO metrics

The extension consists of three tabs: Current Version, Changes, and Issues.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing content data of a page directly in user's browser

When you open the extension on any monitored page, first you will see the Current Version tab which contains all the above-listed SEO metrics about the particular page.

The data displayed in the Current Version tab is always real-time, as ContentKing crawls the page immediately when you visit it in your browser.

So for example, if you want to view Google Analytics data about the page you are currently browsing, just scroll down in the Current Version tab:

ContentKing Chrome extension showing Google Analytics data about a page directly in user's browser

Tracked Changes

The extension allows you to view the full history of changes for every monitored page. You will always find all the tracked changes in the Changes tab.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing the history of changes on a page directly in user's browser


If you want to get a quick overview of all SEO issues that ContentKing is detecting on a page, just open the extension and go to the Issues tab, where you will always find all SEO issues of the page as well as the impact of these Issues on the Page Health.

ContentKing Chrome extension showing the SEO issues of a page directly in user's browser

Jump to ContentKing with one click

Do you need more information about the page you’re visiting?

No problem! Just click the Open in App button and jump directly to the Page Detail screen in ContentKing.

Image of the Open in App button, which allows users to jump directly to the Page Detail screen in ContentKing

The extension icon

If you want to quickly check whether a page is indexable or not, you don’t even need to open the extension. Just look at the color of the extension icon:

  • if the icon is green, the page is indexable
  • if the icon is orange, the page is non-indexable. For more information just check the Why? button in the Indexability section of the Current Version tab.

The blue badge next to the extension icon shows you how many Issues ContentKing is detecting on the page.

ContentKing Chrome extension's icon showing indexability and number of SEO issues of a page

How to get started

  1. Log in (opens in a new tab) to your ContentKing account,
    or start a free 14-day trial.
  2. Install the ContentKing Chrome extension to your browser in Chrome Store (opens in a new tab).
  3. Open any page on a website that is monitored by ContentKing.
  4. Click the extension icon (King Kevin) in your browser's toolbar

Permissions and Privacy

When adding the extension to Chrome, you will be asked for the following permissions:

  • Read and change your data on all sites and all sites.
  • Read your browsing history

Our extension needs these permissions because when visiting websites the extension needs to check whether the website is being monitored from your ContentKing account, so that it can request the data for the particular page you’re on.

If the website you are visiting isn’t monitored from your ContentKing account, the extension will be inactive.

Furthermore, all data processed by the extension is protected according to our Privacy Policy.

Do you need help?

If you’re having trouble getting started with the ContentKing Chrome extension, don’t hesitate to contact us!