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Non-stop change tracking

If you’re in SEO, you know change is the only constant. Developers, clients and other stakeholders are always finding new ways to "surprise" you. ContentKing helps you keep up with all of them.

  • 24/7 monitoring of your websites
  • Quickly detect newly added, removed, redirected pages and on-page changes
  • Make sure your SEO strategy is on track

The real-time monitoring aspect of ContentKing really sets it apart from all other SEO crawlers. The ability to spot problems on a site almost immediately, without having to manually perform a crawl, is a huge lifesaver and will prevent embarrassing moments with your clients when you do your monthly report and notice you missed a critical site problem.

I don’t think many people realise the importance of a platform like ContentKing. The technology is so advanced that it seems natural and real-time. It should be the basis of any marketer because it’s not just data, it’s valuable data.

Alerting, so you can rest easy

Clients suddenly overhaul titles on their key pages, robots.txt gets replaced by its staging version. ContentKing alerts you to nightmares like these and watchdogs your clients’ websites so you don’t have to.

  • Real-time auditing and change tracking
  • Instant alerts about significant changes
  • Peace of mind: get early warning when your next SEO disaster strikes

Extensive, intelligent auditing suite

The way we see it, an auditing tool should deliver actionable tasks, without all the static false positives and non-issues. That's why we built our auditing suite to take every signal into account, making sure you only see what's important to you. Some examples:

  • Meta information issues are by default only reported for indexable pages (can be changed).
  • XML Sitemaps auditing doesn’t just report pages that should be in your XML Sitemaps, but also those that shouldn’t be.
ContentKing Auditing Suite
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This really does feel like the future of the way site monitoring will be done and ContentKing are way in front of the curve. The history and monitoring means we can see the impact of what we are doing when multiple people are working across a site.

The future of SEO auditing is all about automation. ContentKing is a must-have tool to spot regular changes on a website, especially for large-scale sites such as e-commerce.

Overview and clarity

As an online marketing professional your to-do list is never empty. That’s why ContentKing cuts right to the chase providing you with beautifully designed dashboards that contain just the key information.

  • Crystal-clear dashboards
  • Data always available in real-time
  • Beautifully presented

Flexible and affordable pricing

We believe that a powerful tool like ContentKing should be accessible to any business, big or small. That’s why we made our pricing as affordable and fair as possible.

  • Unlimited websites (pay only for pages)
  • Unlimited users for free
  • Adjust your plan at any time