How Jollyroom monitors a catalog of 60,000+ products with ContentKing

Jollyroom is the leading eCommerce retailer in the Nordics in the child- and baby segment.

Achievements with ContentKing:

More than 60,000 products monitored
20% productivity increase in the technical SEO team
ContentKing watchdogs every change and release

Jollyroom is the leading eCommerce retailer in the Nordics in the child- and baby segment. With a team of 250 people they operate in five markets: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Germany. To say SEO is vital to their success would be an understatement.

The challenge

Jollyroom is constantly tweaking and optimizing their five websites, rolling out significant changes on a weekly basis.

With a catalog of more than 60,000 products, keeping track of these changes — to quickly determine whether everything is in order or whether action needs to be taken — proved challenging.

The solution

Simon Hedström, SEO & Web Optimization Manager at Jollyroom, went looking for a solution to automatically keep track of website changes at the enormous scale at which Jollyroom operates.

ContentKing was exactly the solution they were looking for: within 5 minutes, ContentKing was set up for all of Jollyroom's websites, keeping track of changes across hundreds of thousands of pages.

On top of keep track of changes, Jollyroom also found ContentKing's auditing suite to be very valuable for their SEO team:

ContentKing makes it easier for us to identify broken links and 404 pages, changes in titles and meta descriptions.

ContentKing's ease of use had the team up and running in no time and Jollyroom now relies on ContentKing's 24/7 monitoring. So what did it bring them?

The results

Thanks to ContentKing's automatic change tracking across five websites, more than 60,000 products and hundreds of thousands of pages, Jollyroom was also able to significantly boost their SEO team's productivity:

ContentKing increased our technical SEO productivity by 20%.

With such productivity gains — on top of the additional quality control and performance improvements thanks to the auditing suite — ContentKing really is a no-brainer.

Are you keeping track of changes on your websites?

With ContentKing it's a breeze, no matter how big your website is!