How Future uses ContentKing to avoid losing thousands of dollars per day across 200 websites

Future is a specialist media publisher behind more than 200 brands, helping to connect people with their passions in technology, gaming & entertainment, women’s lifestyle, music, creative & photography, hobbies and knowledge.

Future's achievements:

Avoided losing thousands of dollars per day, thanks to Alerts
Not giving competition a chance, thanks to real-time monitoring
Significant traffic growth, thanks to increased efficiency

Future (opens in a new tab) is the specialist media publisher behind more than 200 brands, reaching over 390 million people across the globe through websites, events and magazines. They are predominantly based in the UK, US and Australia. With more than 2,000 employees, they help to connect people with their passions in technology, gaming & entertainment, women’s lifestyle, music, creative & photography, hobbies and knowledge.

The challenge

Even though Future’s Audience Development team already had numerous tools available, none of them was able to instantly alert the team when a problem occurred on their websites. After already trying many other crawling and auditing tools, ContentKing’s real-time approach was what Simon Glanville, Head of SEO at Future, was searching for.

With so many brands to manage, we needed a tool that would alert us to serious issues on our websites and allow us to monitor technical SEO performance in real-time.

The solution

ContentKing was able to fulfil that need and instantly began spotting costly issues that would have taken a long time to identify otherwise. Broken robots.txt files, malfunctioning redirects and server issues are just a few examples of what ContentKing was able to catch for Simon and his team without them having to manually search for errors across their websites.

What's more, thanks to Actionable Insights—clear, valuable information, automatically prioritized based on its importance to their business, other departments within Future started using ContentKing to benefit their work, as well.

Everyone in the Audience Development team at Future has access to ContentKing, including SEOs and social media specialists. Our Engineering teams are discovering its potential, too.

The results

Bigger teams often increase the risk of human error and larger problems. One such situation stood out for Simon. Another department was running A/B tests on some key pages and almost caused a serious SEO disaster.

Thanks to continuous monitoring and Change Tracking, ContentKing immediately noticed that the canonicals were set up to point to the homepage rather than the page itself. Simon and his team received instant alerts about the issues and were able to fix them before search engines noticed, protecting their rankings and their bottom line.

We were able to fix the bad canonicals immediately, but without that alert, I don’t think we would have found them until our rankings started to drop.

For Future, the benefits of using ContentKing are numerous:

1. Avoiding revenue loss

ContentKing’s continuous monitoring combined with proactive alerting helped Future avoid multiple SEO disasters that would cost them thousands of dollars for each day they went unnoticed.

If the errors ContentKing alerted us about had gone undetected, we could be looking at losing thousands of dollars. Daily.

2. Protecting their position from competitors

Ensuring they don’t give up their search engine positions to the competition is also something Future can turn to ContentKing for.

ContentKing tells us about issues straight away, so that we can solve them before consequences set in. Without ContentKing, we might miss these issues completely until it was too late and our traffic started to drop.

3. More time for optimization and increasing traffic

Many of Future’s websites experienced significant growth in the past 12 months. Having the time to actually improve and optimize them rather than manually searching for potential issues has made a huge difference.

4. More impact in less time

Taking the detective work off the team’s shoulders saves them valuable time and keeps them from getting overloaded.

ContentKing has become an important part of our SEO and monitoring toolkit. We know that ContentKing will alert us when a significant change comes up.

To conclude: from significant revenue savings and boosted productivity, to traffic growth and disaster prevention, selecting ContentKing as their SEO auditing solution was the right choice for Future.

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