In an ideal world, every issue that pops up on your website would get resolved immediately. But, as we all know, reality isn’t always that cooperative: your time is often limited and there is always so much to do. At that point, the only remaining option is to prioritize. But which issues need your attention first? Well, we’ve actually just finished incorporating two new features into ContentKing that can help you answer that question: Relevance and Issue filtering.


Relevance analyzes how crucial your page is to your search engine results and ranks it on a scale of 1 to 10. Many factors go into determining this number, like how often the page changes, the number of links pointing to it, and its indexability status.

Relevance is now available in Pages and Issues, allowing you to identify the pages that matter most.


Filtering issues

The thing we like most about Issue filtering is how you can separate essential pages from the rest. Essential pages are those with the highest Relevance within your website, so resolving their issues first is definitely important.

On top of that, you can also filter based on status and category, allowing you to segment your results any way you need to. Want to see open content issues on your essential pages? A couple clicks is all it takes!

Issue filtering

These features are now available to all of our users, so try them out and supercharge your workflow today!

Vincent van Scherpenseel
Vincent van Scherpenseel

Vincent is ContentKing’s Chief Executive Officer. He’s passionate about product management and loves to work at the intersection of design, development and business. Which makes ContentKing the perfect challenge for him.

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