Robots.txt checker: is your robots.txt set up correctly?

Last updated: April 13, 2021

Context is king for a robots.txt checker

A robots.txt checker is only as good as the context you pass along with the robots.txt.

Without context, a robots.txt checker would only be able to check whether you have any syntax mistakes or whether you’re using deprecated directives such as robots.txt noindex.

You wouldn’t know about all website URLs and sections of your site that your robots.txt is affecting. Therefore, we strongly recommend fully crawling your site and then analyzing the robots.txt, with the site’s information architecture in mind.

Robots.txt checker

An incorrectly set up robots.txt file may be holding back your SEO performance.

Do a quick check to see if this is the case for YOUR website!

Monitor your robots.txt 24/7

Since the robots.txt file plays such an important role in SEO, you want to know the minute it changes. Even minor changes can have a big negative impact on your SEO performance.

Keeping a watchful eye on robots.txt files is one ContentKing’s key features.

You don’t just want to do a one-off check, what you really need is to monitor your robots.txt.

Receive alerts in case of changes, and keep track of all robots.txt changes:

Keep track of all robots.txt changes and be notified when you need to take action

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