Duplicate without user-selected canonical: what does it mean and how to fix?

Last updated: June 20, 2021

The error "Duplicate without user-selected canonical” indicates that Google found duplicate URLs that are not canonicalized to a preferred version. Google didn't index these duplicate URLs, and assigned a canonical version on their own.

Here's what this error looks like in Google Search Console:

Duplicate without user-selected canonicalin Google Search Console

If you've got a eCommerce site that also contains downloadable PDFs with the exact same product information as what's shown on product detail pages, you'll often find that Google has decided to canonicalize the PDFs to the product detail pages.

Don't compete with yourself too

You've got your hands full with the competition. Find all the duplicate content on your site, and start fixing right away!

How to fix this issue

Should these pages even exist? If the answer to this is no, simply remove these pages and return a HTTP status code 410.

If these pages have a purpose, then ask yourself whether they carry any value:

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