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Senior JS Developer

Brno / Full-time

Join a team building a web application that loads and displays big datasets instantly while maintaining the best possible user experience, and help us solve all the technical challenges that come with it. You’ll be shaping large Javascript codebase and coming up with ways how to squeeze every drop of performance from the browser.

What is ContentKing

ContentKing is a content monitoring service. What’s special about us is that we’re the only service on the market to offer continuous change tracking across websites.

This means dealing with huge amounts of continuously updating data and letting the user work with that data in the fastest way possible. Searching over big datasets and keeping the app in sync with a constant stream of updates.

Being a SaaS service with a very low barrier of entry we have users signing up all the time. For them ContentKing is not the complex crawler and test suite that’s running behind the scenes. For them it’s the UI. That’s why we zealously work on delivering the best experience possible through clever interaction design and a strong focus on performance.

Our workflow

We use dual-track agile with a Scrum-based delivery cycle. This allows us to rapidly improve our product while adhering to our architectural principles and maintaining the required quality standards.

The codebase is our crown jewel. We design and apply modular architecture, follow good code style and continuously refactor the code to keep it healthy and a pleasure to work with. All this helps us grow as developers every day.

Furthermore we put a lot of effort into sharing knowledge and helping each other accomplish the work. We do that through constructive peer review, mentoring sessions and in-depth sprint retrospectives.

What we’re looking for

We are looking for colleagues who fit the following requirements:

  • 3+ years experience with client-side JavaScript
  • Experience with React or similar library
  • Familiar with modern design patterns
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Eager to improve development skills

And for bonus points

As a bonus, meeting any of the following criteria would be awesome:

  • Experience with data visualization
  • Experience with performance optimization
  • Experience with Redux or similar uni-directional flow pattern

What we offer

First and foremost we offer a job that’s full of interesting challenges and potential to learn. We’re on a mission to build a service for hundreds of thousands of people, dealing with incredible amounts of data which we present in the fastest, most usable and appealing way possible.

Secondly, we offer good conditions:

  • Competitive salary
  • Possibility to gain equity
  • Joining a venture-backed startup
  • Mentorship to help you grow as a developer
  • Working from our awesome office in the center of Brno

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