Here at ContentKing we aim to make your SEO processes as easy and efficient as possible, and our new browser extension is the next step in this effort.

The right data at your fingertips

ContentKing’s browser extension allows you to view ContentKing metrics and data about your websites directly in your browser.

ContentKing browser extension showing indexability data about a page directly in user's browser

When browsing a website that is being monitored by ContentKing, you can easily view all ContentKing data about the page you are currently visiting.

The ContentKing browser extension will provide you the following data:

  • Page Health
  • Importance
  • Indexability (HTTPS, In XML sitemap, Canonical)
  • Content (Page Title, Meta Description, Headings)
  • Custom Elements
ContentKing browser extension showing content data about a page directly in user's browser

Always up-to-date

By opening the extension on a page in your browser, ContentKing will immediately crawl that page. Thanks to this you will always see real-time data in the extension.

Jump to ContentKing with one click

Do you need more information about the page you’re visiting?

No problem! Just click the “Open in ContentKing” button and jump directly to the Page Detail screen in ContentKing.

Image of the Open in ContentKing button, which allows users to jump directly to the Page Detail screen in ContentKing

How to get started

  1. Log in to your ContentKing account, or start a free 14-day trial.
  2. Install the ContentKing browser extension to your browser in Chrome Store.
  3. Open any page on a website that is monitored by ContentKing.
  4. Click the extension icon (King Kevin) in your browser’s toolbar

Do you need help?

If you’re having trouble getting started with the ContentKing browser extension, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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