Content Overview

Quickly Search Across Your Entire Website

Working on your website usually means focusing on specific pages or sections of your website, but drilling down to a certain subset of pages is a time-killer. Not with ContentKing! Powerful search, filtering, and sorting features get you right to the pages you’re looking for, and fast!

Instantaneous filtering and sorting
Take advantage of instantaneous filtering and sorting

Working with hundreds of pages? Hundreds of thousands of pages? No matter. ContentKing can handle it. You can even stack filters to build powerful search combinations.

Insights for Every Page

ContentKing tracks even the smallest details for every page. We report the page’s content, social markup, open issues, and all other information that’s relevant for the performance of your website.

Page detail

What’s more, we also track all link relations with other pages. From regular links, to canonical links and redirects, any connection that affects your search ranking or visitors gets looked at.

Travel back in Time

Sometimes yesterday’s status can be just as interesting as today’s. That’s why ContentKing lets you take a step back in time and see exactly what happened and when.

Historical changes

Changes in the page title or meta description? We keep track of it. Open Graph markup added? It’s there. Anything important for the performance of your pages is tracked and displayed on a crystal-clear timeline.