Content Optimization

Test and optimize for findability, social media, and analytics

ContentKing’s comprehensive test suite carefully inspects every page on your website, making sure that you’re covered on the three most important fronts: findability, social media, and analytics.

Findability tests

  • Meta information and content headings: are they optimized?
  • Extensive link checking: do you have any broken links, links to redirects or links contradicting canonicals?
  • Can search engines access all your content? We test it with robot accessibility: meta robots, robots.txt and X-Robots-Tag HTTP header. It’s all there.
  • Do all images have the correct meta information?
  • Are all indexable pages included in your XML sitemap? And are all the non-indexable pages excluded?
  • Do you have correct canonical usage everywhere?

Social media tests

  • Is your content ready for sharing on Facebook?
  • What about the optimization of your social markup? Will your content be displayed correctly?
  • What about Twitter?

Analytics tests

  • Do you have your analytics software installed on all pages?
  • Are you running the latest version?
  • Are you using the same tracking identifier everywhere?
Page detail issues

Actionable Insights

Let’s face it: there’s hardly ever enough time in the day to get everything done. So why do so many tools designed to kick out loads of raw data, leaving us to spend hours making sense of it all?

We know that frustration all too well. That’s why we designed ContentKing to free up that time for tasks a computer can’t do, like creating new content and talking to customers. So now instead of getting lost in mountains of data, everything you need to know is put front and center and in simple terms.

Actionable Insights

Some Examples

Here are some examples of what ContentKing can do to help:

  • Finding duplicate content, taking all possible relations into account. For example: paginated pages which don’t have a rel=”canonical”, rel=”next” and rel=”prev” set but do carry the same title, meta description and heading as all of the pages in the sequence.
  • Finding non-indexable pages in your XML sitemap.
  • Finding canonical URLs pointing to pages which are non-indexable.
  • Finding pages with little content and duplicate titles and meta descriptions.
  • Finding internal links to a page which sometimes carry the nofollow attribute.

Still want your raw data? No problem

Even though we’re sure you will love how efficient and productive you’ll become with ContentKing, the raw data is always there if you want it. Any piece of information we track is available for export in a clean, well-formatted CSV file.


Actionable insights make it easy to know exactly what to fix. But knowing when to fix it is just as important. That’s why ContentKing tells you what needs your attention right now. To make the process more straightforward, we use two powerful metrics: health and relevance.

Quickly see how healthy your pages are

ContentKing’s algorithms precisely calculates the health of every page on your website. This powerful metric tells you instantly how well the page is optimized for findability, social sharing, and conversion tracking.

ContentKing not only calculates the health of your pages, but also of the website as a whole. This gives you an immediate update on how well your website is doing.

See which pages matter, and which don’t

Not all pages are created equal. Some are simply more important for your online success than others. This distinction is captured in the Page Relevance metric, and rated from 0 to 10.

A number of factors are used to determine the relevance of each page, including number of incoming links, frequency of changes, the page’s depth within your website, and many more. Each page is then ranked based on the results. Thanks to this ranking, and the powerful algorithm behind it, you know exactly which pages to focus on.