Content Monitoring

Catch and fix problems before they hurt you

Ever had a problem on your website that affected your visitors or your standing in search engines? It’s OK—we’ve all been there. That’s actually why we built ContentKing in the first place. We were tired of feeling helpless against the stealthy problems that prevented our websites from performing well. Our response? Create a tool that would watch over our websites and let us know when and where to take action.


ContentKing lets you rest easy, knowing that your website is being monitored ’round the clock. And if a problem does try to creep up on you, it’s comforting to know that you’ll be alerted so you can deal with it before search engines and your visitors notice. With ContentKing, we want to help keep all the surprises in your life pleasant ones.

A Timeline for Your Website

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an easy-to-read timeline of everything that’s been going on happened on your websites? A quick glance is all you’d need to get up to speed on what’s new. Well, ContentKing’s Activity stream lets you do just that.

A Timeline for Your Website

Want a quick overview of what’s changed since your last login? Or maybe a nostalgic look at just how far you’ve come with ContentKing’s help? Go for it! Activity stream has you covered.

Change Tracking

They say a website’s success hinges on content, and we agree. But then why does it have to be so hard to track changes to that content on your websites? Well, with ContentKing’s help, it doesn’t. In fact, with readily searchable version tracking across your entire website, it’s never been easier.

Just select a time period and ContentKing will show you exactly which pages were added, removed, or altered and which issues were resolved. It’s that simple.

Change History
ContentKing shows you exactly which pages were added or removed

Common uses

This feature is helpful in a lot of different situations, but we like to use it for:

  • Monthly reporting: quickly compare the current state with last month’s.
  • Migrations: make sure all your content was successfully moved over. Remember: never leave a page behind!
  • Investigating what caused your pages to drop in rankings
  • Keeping track of what’s been happening to the content on your website.
  • Making sure your website is still in good shape after a CMS update.