Content Collaboration

Invite and Work Together

Successful websites are rarely a one-man show. Usually many stakeholders and disciplines are involved to make sure the website’s performance is optimal. ContentKing wants to support that collaboration as much as possible.

Our powerful yet easy-to-use team management features make involving colleagues and working together a breeze.

Users overview

Share any screen configuration

With its powerful search, filter, and sorting options ContentKing allows you to drill down to even the most detailed views.

URL sharing

We even make it easy to bring a colleague into the mix to resolve those issues together—just share the URL of the screen you’re viewing.

Export anything you want

ContentKing gives you everything you need to optimize your website, without ever having to leave the app. But sometimes you may want to export the raw data and work with it in Excel, OpenOffice, Google Drive or any other spreadsheet program. Simply export the data on any screen you want, and within seconds you will have the data in a clean and well-formatted CSV-file.


Exports are available for all data overviews. So whether you want to export everything, a filtered list of the pages on your website or a list of pages with incorrect canonical links, it’s all possible.